MotoGP Qatar (spoiler!)

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by pablo, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. pablo

    pablo Guest

    So Stoner runs away from this start to finish. In general, not an
    exciting race, with the attractions being...

    - Elias trashing what seems to be a surprisingly crappy Honda, or
    maybe it just shows Elias just can not set up a bike right without
    teammate input?

    - Lorenzo nearly pushing Pedrosa out on the straight, or Pedrosa being
    naive thinking everybody is going to allow him to use his natural top
    speed advantage in critical race situations...

    - Rossi getting lucky when trying to pass Spies on the outside...

    - Barbera being unable to sustain what looked like early promise - did
    he luck out with the qualifying tire? Did he forget to set up the bike
    for the harder compound?

    Anyhow, this race to me proves that Pedrosa all these years was unable
    to guide Honda's might in the right direction. It has to be
    embarrassing to not only lose to your new teammate, but then get
    relegated to third knowing you have the best bike around, and one that
    was actually originally designed for you. It's do or get lost time for
    Pedrosa, the excuses are long long done with. Get Spies on the HRC
    team next year, dammit.
    pablo, Mar 20, 2011
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  2. pablo

    DaveW Guest

    Apparently not. From Superbike Planet: "Pedrosa complained of arm pump
    issues after the race. "
    DaveW, Mar 20, 2011
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  3. pablo

    MJRydsFast Guest

    Agreed. Unless there are two or more bikes within a tenth on the last
    lap, any race will be boring.
    Toni's having a rough time with that bike. I too am surprised
    considering he's won on one before. I hope he does better in the
    Jorge's going to be more of a factor this season than I gave him
    credit for.
    Vale's never "lucky". He did well to finish where he did.
    The whole Ducati fiasco made me cry. Watching DePun and Loris go out
    is just gut wrenching.
    Agreed, that has to be a bitter pill to swallow.
    He would make a good team mate for Stoner but I believe his Yam
    contract runs through next season already. He's not the type of guy to
    jump ship for the sake of jumping ship. Suzuki lost him by dragging
    their feet, he didn't leave them for Yamaha. He'll stay.
    MJRydsFast, Mar 21, 2011
  4. pablo

    pablo Guest

    I liked his pre-race comments: I ride the same bike as Lorenzo, no
    excuses, and I shall learn". It is honesty and an attitude that are
    refreshing. He will be MotoGP champion.
    pablo, Mar 21, 2011
  5. pablo

    Bill Smith Guest

    I tought him a little full of himself a few years back, but after
    watching him in SBK and his first year in MotoGP, I think he's a
    serious student and will definitely make his mark. He reminds me a
    bit of Roberts Sr, if he fails, it won't be for lack of effort.

    Bill Smith
    Bill Smith, Mar 21, 2011
  6. pablo

    pablo Guest

    Except Roberts Sr was the guy that established the legend of US
    riders. He came, saw and won against Sheene (a legendary rivalry
    though), a semi-retired Agostini, and guys like Hennen and Hartog and
    so many more. '79 was the first GP season I consciously followed some,
    although having grown up in Spain I remember news snippets and races
    before (the dark, dark Monza day when Saarinnen and Pasolini moved to
    Mount Olympus is probably one of my earliest childhood memories). Wow
    - so long ago..
    pablo, Mar 21, 2011
  7. pablo

    Julian Bond Guest

    In his left arm, which is a bit unusual. I wonder of it's a remnant of
    all the injuries. In the parc ferme interviews he seemed absolutely
    gutted and very unhappy.

    What I did find encouraging is that we might have a championship on our
    hands. Despite the blitz of Stoner-Pedrosa qualifying, the top 5 were
    quite close and if Spies hadn't got stuck in the early laps, he would
    have been up there as well.

    Dovizoso, Hayden turned fastest laps on their last lap (always a bad
    sign unless itt's for a win). Spies and Rossi (and Crutchlow) were
    getting faster and faster through the race. Everyone except HRC seem to
    be suffering from not enough testing time to develop this year's model.
    That should even out in the next few races and by mid year, I think
    we'll have 8 people capable of podiums.

    Barbera is back to his old tricks from the 250 days of being the local
    road block. Almost like Barros 10 years ago. Fast enough to be up the
    front in qualifying and the early laps but his natural position is
    actually 10th or lower at the end of the race.
    Julian Bond, Mar 21, 2011
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