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Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by mentALEXcersize, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Wassup people?!?
    Headed to Livermore and Mines Road on a lark and a whim. As usual, my sixth
    sense brought me right to a superlative piece of roadwork--130, Del Puerto
    Canyon Rd, east of Frank Raines through the hills to I-5. Canyon carving,
    light traffic, excellent pavement, perfect weather--another unforgettable
    road. 'Taint no secret with the locals neither, saw plenty of bikes, even
    some hell-bent sportbikers like me. Looking at the off-roaders enjoying
    huge and hilly Frank Raines made me consider buying a dirt bike. Can't find
    it on my map, but when you get near I-5, there's a road that heads back
    (east/southeast) to a golf course, it's more of the same and smooth as
    glass, with a RIDICULOUS 40mph posted limit--haha. Then I blasted I-5 to 152
    so I could do that Basalt Flats road that winds along the south side of San
    Luis Resevoir--a great road completely overlooked by most two-wheeled
    maniacs. The end of the trip found me at Casa de Fruta stocking up on as
    many pistachios and olives that I could stuff in my waistpack.

    SF to 580E
    N. Livermore Ave S
    J2 S
    Tesla Rd E
    Mines Rd S
    130 E
    5 S
    152 E
    101 N to SF
    300+ miles with side trips, 6 hours+ with stops, approx. $20 in gas,
    memories: Priceless.

    Alex C.
    mentALEXcersize, Mar 19, 2007
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  2. Do it. Frank Raines ain't exactly huge, but it's fun. That golf course
    is waiting to become the next Blackhawk. When it does, we can kiss
    Frank Raines goodby, not to mention Carnegie.
    HardWorkingDog, Mar 19, 2007
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