Need mechanic for 1989 Yamaha Venture 1200

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by kevincc4, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. kevincc4

    kevincc4 Guest

    The dealers do not want work on such an old bike - does anyone know of
    a good mechanic for this vintage marquee?

    Problem seems to be the stator - it's a well known porblem with the
    first generation ventures, and usually fails at the 60K mark.

    thanks for any suggestions.
    kevincc4, Oct 13, 2007
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  2. kevincc4

    Morrgaine Guest

    Why don't you just fix it yourself?

    You can get an aftermarket stator from Electrosport
    for $139.00 and it's just a matter of unplugging the old stator,
    removing the alternator cover and unscrewing about three or four
    screws holding the old stator to the cover.

    You wouldn't even have to drain the engine oil with the bike on the

    The stator mounting screws should probably have a drop of blue Loctite
    applied before tightening them.

    But, before buying a stator, I recommend checking the stator connector
    to see if it's burned or melted. Connections are the biggest source of
    problems in battery charging systems.

    Electrosport has a troubleshooting chart and a diagram that shows how
    a 3 phase full wave rectifier bridgeis wired internally, and you can
    troubleshoot your system with a volt ohmmeter before taking anything
    apart. All you have to do is unplug the stator connector and the
    rectifier regulator connector.

    The stator is just three coils of wire that meet at the center, so if
    you put your ohmmeter on the Rx1 scale, you should be able to read
    about 1 ohm from any pin on the connector to each of the other two
    pins. Then, go to the Rx1000 scale and read from all three pins to the
    engine case. You should read more than 500,000 ohms.

    If the stator readings are as above, you don't need a stator, you need
    to check out the rectifier regulator.
    Morrgaine, Oct 14, 2007
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