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    Feb 16

    Dear users of News.Individual.NET,

    effective from April 1th, 2005, use of News.Individual.NET will
    not be free of charge anymore. The news service will continue as
    a fee-based service.

    The details:

    Effective immediately, registration for our news service is only
    possible through our web site:

    Registration by e-mail (as hitherto) is no longer possible.

    Holders of existing accounts who want to continue using their account
    need to convert it into a pay account. This is also only possible
    through our web site:

    You will also find all details on payment options, terms of use, and
    terms of contract on the web site.

    The time until March 31th, 2005, is a transitional period so that
    holders of existing accounts will have plenty of time for convenient
    conversion. Sign-up for new accounts or conversion of existing accounts
    made within the transitional period (before April 1th, 2005) will not
    cause any disadvantages:

    Contracts concluded within the transitional period will last until
    March 31th, 2006 (Annual Subscription) or June 30th, 2005 (3 Months
    Subscription) without additional costs. Then the contracts will auto-
    matically renew themselves for another year or another three months

    Important notes:

    Effective from April 1th, 2005, all non-converted accounts will stop

    Users who use the server News.CIS.DFN.DE as part of the DFNNetNews
    project are not effected by the changes described above. Nothing will
    change for these users, they do not need to do anything.

    The fee:

    The fee for an account for News.Individual.NET is 10 EUR per year
    (annual payment), that converts to only 0.84 EUR per month. The price
    includes VAT at 16%.

    The background:

    The tradition of running news servers at Freie Universitaet Berlin goes
    back as far as 1989 (historic keyword: "Methan"). The news service was
    open for external users ever since: Until 1992, there was no access
    restriction at all (as usual at that time). Later, a basic access
    management where IP numbers and domain names were added on request was

    Starting with the CIS project (a third-party funded project of DFN)
    of ZEDAT of Freie Universitaet Berlin, the news service was expanded
    by the feature of registration for individual users in the beginning
    of the year 1998:

    News.CIS.DFN.DE was born. (*)

    (*) see Message-ID: <6apqmg$rbe$>

    After the CIS project was finished in mid 2002, the administrators kept
    this service alive by maintaining it mainly in their spare time. Since
    this was not sustainable in perpetuity, options on how to raise money
    from external people and institutions for the provision and maintenance
    of the service had to be researched and created. Several approaches to
    find sponsors for the service eventually failed, especially due to the
    lack of understanding by the potential sponsors for the nature of Usenet.

    Since July 1th, 2003, ZEDAT offers - again in cooperation with DFN - news
    services to other research and education institutions for money (service
    name: "DFNNetNews"). In the course of this cooperation, the server name
    "News.CIS.DFN.DE" vested exclusively to DFNNet
    "News.Individual.DE" and "News.Individual.NET" are the new server names
    under which the service is available for the more than 250,000 external
    individual users that were registered since the beginning of 1998.

    After a long evaluation and preparation period, the service will convert
    to a fee-based service for these external individual users effective from
    April 1th, 2005. We regret that it is no longer possible to offer this
    service free of charge.

    We would be very happy if our service convinced its users of its quality
    and of the engagement of its operators during the many years of its
    existence so that they decide to stay our users even if the service is not
    free of charge anymore.

    Besides, we would - of course - like to thank all people that recommended
    our service over the years and used it responsibly and carefully in the
    spirit of Usenet!

    Best regards,
    the NetNews Team of Freie Universitaet Berlin


    CIS = DFN project "Center for Information Services"
    DFN = Germany's National Research and Education Network
    ZEDAT = Computer Center of Freie Universitaet Berlin


    Goaty, Feb 17, 2005
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