Next Basic Suspension Workshop-Part 2, July 6 Fri night!

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by docwong2002, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. docwong2002

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    Next Basic Suspension Workshop-Part 2, July 6 Fri night!

    (Starting in 2012, this workshop will be at my new office location in Belmont! See below for the address.)



    You're invited the next Basic Suspension Part Two Workshop!

    Here's the only catch:  It's limited to 35 riders because we will be taking apart and examining the internals of a set of forks.  Yes, you'll see the innards of the thing and see how it works to gain a deeper understanding of how suspension works.  Those who attended the last Basic Suspension Workshop (Level 1) will get first priority. 

    One month there was even a guy that flew from Colorado to attend the workshop and flew back the next morning!

    What: Basic Suspension Part Two
    When: July 6, 2012, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
    Where: Doc Wong's Full Motion Chiropractic Office
              Carlmont Village Shopping Center
              1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas
              Belmont, CA 94002
    Cost: $0.00
    How to sign up:  just e-mail me at:

    The Suspension Seminar Part 2, should be extraordinarily interesting tonight, we will go through the normal presentation portion of the program and will vary from the previous format by adding a lab where I'll be setting up afolding card table to perform a complete "piece by piece" dissection process on a full front fork assembly, and a rear shock assembly, while the students observe.  We'll be identifying the function of each individual item,as it's removed.  Should be a very educational experience, and rare opportunity for the riders in attendance.  I'm excited about implementing this new "twist" on the suspension training program!

    If there's any room left, and I expect there will be, you can attend IF youalready have a basic working knowledge of suspension and are familiar withsetting the sag adjustment on your bike.

    You'll also get a working knowledge of how compression and rebound works ona bike by actually adjusting the suspension.

    "The format for The "PART 2" seminar looks like this:
    1.  Spring "Preload": "Setting proper "SAG", a quick review"
    2. Compression & Rebound : "Solving the mystery"
          3.   Dissembling a set of forks and examining it's internals
    4. Advanced suspension tuning: "Going beyond the factory":
    .. Wheelbase
    .. Fork tube height
          . Fork oil level/viscosity
    5. Troubleshooting common bike handling complaints (student contribution)
    6.   Cartridge fork dissembly
    7. Final Question & Answer session
    This will be a 2 hour (non-riding) workshop held on Friday night 6:30PM-8:30PM at my office in Redwood City. 
    Just e-mail me at: 

    Directions to Full Motion Chiropractic:

    1021 Alameda de las Pulgas
    Belmont, CA 94002
         (650) 365-7775,+Belmont,+California+94002&t=m&z=16

    Doc  ()


    Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

    Doc Wong
    Full Motion Chiropractic
    Carlmont Shopping Center
    1021 Alameda De Las Pulgas
    Belmont, CA 94002 

    Free exams and consultations offered if you're having pain while riding or having neck, back or other sports injuries issues

    Check out the stuff on the Doc Wong (Free) Riding Clinics on my web site!

    To get the latest announcements on my Riding Clinics subscribe to the Doc-Ride Mail-list!

    Go to:
    **Special acknowledgement and thanks to:

    Keith Code of California Superbike Schools for his help and guidence and support. The Doc Wong Street Riding Clinics are almost all based on his works.. Get his books and tapes on the subject, read them and apply them....your riding will be much better for it!

    Helimot Leathers:  The leathers I use and consider the best!

    Repsol oils, the Moto GP oils that I now exclusively use on all my bikes!

    These Suspension Clinics are dedicated to my good friend Gary Jaehne, one of the most helpful riders I know.  Though he is no longer with us, he leaves us with a legacy of knowledge and good works!
    docwong2002, Jun 19, 2012
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  2. docwong2002

    rain Guest

    You need to stop posting in all CAPS and find God.
    There, I said it. Probably gonna pay for this one.

    u know what i mean.
    rain, Jun 20, 2012
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  3. docwong2002

    docwong2002 Guest

    This clinic is next week!

    docwong2002, Jun 25, 2012
  4. docwong2002

    docwong2002 Guest

    This clinic is this Friday!

    docwong2002, Jul 2, 2012
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