Norton Dominator Ignition key query

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by hathersage, Aug 3, 2022.

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    Aug 3, 2022
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    I have just purchased a historic 1961 Dominator 99,I not been handling bikes for many years and I have not even got around to starting this one up, one problem was the battery was dead and not knowing the intricacies of the newer systems ( I was strictly a magneto man ) it took a while for me to realize that power was needed from the battery in order to get a spark. Of course after all these years there was no accompanying handbook.

    I studied the on line manual, all 87 pages, but it did say they had skipped the very basic details because they assumed you knew them already ! Well I did not.

    It would seem the ignition key has three positions for starting and running , the last one being an EMG, well I could only find two positions to use, on the base of the key assembly is a small diagram with a single curved line with an arrow on each end pointing to IGN at one end and EMG at the other, but the manuals etc I have been reading tell me there are three positions with the EMG being emergency flat battery start, but I do not have three positions marked so I am assuming my two positions are as they should be or is there a fault in the key switch, I dare not try and force it to turn further in either direction and of course when a replacement battery ( ordered) arrives, it is still going to be a suck it and see operation to start up, a situation I steer clear of wherever possible for fear of causing more problems.

    Has anyone got this type of keyswitch please..
    hathersage, Aug 3, 2022
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