Not even winter yet

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Harold Gailey, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Rode to the store for some groceries Friday while I was on vacation. Had to
    snap an historical picture since it was the earliest snow in Houston's
    recorded history beating the previous earliest by about a week. (pic at
    That record was set in 2008.

    Before I went to the store I rode over to Republic HD in Stafford. Didn't
    see any other bikes on the short trip. When I pulled up to the service
    doors, they didn't open automatically and had to be manually opened by one
    of the techs. I think they shut off the auto function to keep the cold out
    whenever anyone walked near the sensor. Anyway I felt guilty being all
    bundled up and warm when I was just pulling a practical joke on 'em. I told
    them I needed my heater fixed. All summer long it was stuck in the on
    position and now that I needed it I couldn't get it to work. They all got a
    chuckle out of it.

    Anyway I went there with a purpose and that was to get some dry gloves. The
    short ride to the shop had already gotten my gloves soaking wet from having
    to wipe the snow off my faceshield every 100 feet. I bought a new model of
    the same type I wore up there but with gortex to keep the water out. Happy
    to say they did keep the water out for the remainder of the day in the snow.
    The real test will be a heavy rain like we had last Tuesday when I rode
    through a frog strangler and had to stop for gas in the crap to boot. The
    gloves I was wearing that day were "water proof" gloves I got at REI or
    Gander Mtn or some such place. They were so wet I couldn't take them off
    without the liner coming out. I never even knew they had a removeable liner.

    All in all it was a very enjoyable day for riding Friday, traffic was light,
    the temperature was tolerable with long underwear and leather pants and
    jacket and until it started getting slick a little later in the afternoon,
    the traction was excellent.
    Harold Gailey, Dec 7, 2009
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  2. If I ever get to retire or get laid off or whatever so I don't have to go to
    every day, I will get a bike that's designed for long distance comfort and
    hit the
    road. It will be fitted with windshield and fairing and will hopefully keep
    me warm and dry
    in even the worst weather. For now as a commuter bike I like my FXDX since
    it's nimble,
    relatively quick and narrow enought to squeeze between the cars in my
    driveway (and elsewhere)
    so I'll put up with the cold and wet for those benefits.

    I am beginning to believe there is nothing that you can wear that will
    absolutely keep you dry
    if it's raining hard enough and you're in it long enough. I think the best
    I've ever had was some
    butt ugly yellow rubber 2 piece suits that kept me dry 99% of the time
    until the crotch split like
    they all seem to eventually. My current gear is HD brand heavy stuff for
    winter wetness. It leaks
    of course but is heavy enough to help keep the warmth in too. I also have a
    lightweight suit I got from
    Wally world I think. It does a decent job keeping the rain out.
    Harold Gailey, Jan 12, 2010
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