not so obscure objects of desire (long-ish, and probably boring)

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by darsy, Oct 27, 2006.

  1. darsy

    darsy Guest

    I was thinking about bikes the other day (yes, I know - how bizarre!)
    in particular about bikes I've desired over the years and whether or
    not I managed to fulfill those desires.

    Now, I don't go back as far as many on here; although I messed around
    on "field bikes" when I was in my early-mid teens, I didn't really
    start getting into bikes until my mid 20s, in the early 90s. So, a lot
    of my "dream bikes" at the time are still fairly recent machines, and
    many are still in production in one form or another.

    I'm not talking about bikes I bought on a whim and enjoyed (CCM R30
    for example), or bikes I bought for reasons of expediancy (CD200,
    R65LS) but bikes that I wanted for years and years and years and then
    either ended up owning them or changing my mind about them, or still
    lusting after them. I don't expect people to agree about whether the
    bikes are any good about - this is a wholly subjective discussion
    about what I *wanted*, regardless of their objective merits.


    Suzuki Bandit 1200 - not much self-analysis required to work out why I
    wanted one of these. When I was getting back into being interested in
    bikes in 95/96, this is what my mate John rode, and it was a trip on
    the back of it to see a stunt show by Gary Rothwell (slightly
    surreally in the carpark of the Ulster Transport Museum) that finally
    convinced me to quit pottling around on the CG125 and pass my test. I
    was told that a B12 might be a bit much as a first bike after test, so
    I bought a SZR660 instead. I bought a B12 as my second big bike
    instead, two years later, and would have held onto it a lot longer had
    it not been written off.

    Yamaha TRX 850 - no logic to this one, except to say that when I was
    looking at buying my first bike, there was only one big bike
    dealership around - Charles Hursts in Belfast, and they had what was
    to my naive eyes an absolutely gorgeous TRX in Cadbury's Boost
    colours. I did buy a TRX in 2000 from Motorcycle City (albeit in more
    staid red/white/black) and didn't regret it, particularly as I paid
    2/3s of what Hurst's had been looking for 4 years previously.

    Honda Fireblade - again, no real logic, I'd just "always wanted" a
    'blade since they came out, since "common knowledge" was that they
    were the fastest, badest bikes around. Of course, by the time I bought
    my 2001 'blade this wasn't even close to being the case, but I still
    have no regrets about buying it, as I think all things being equal,
    the 'blade is the bike I've most enjoyed owning/had the most fun on.

    Suzuki RGV250 - a bike I fancied at the start of the nineties, then
    went off, then fancied one again. Now I have one, but I haven't really
    ridden it enough to know whether I actually like it or not. This will
    be remedied with a set of new tyres and a couple of trackdays in the

    Kawasaki ZX-7R - always wanted a bike called a "Ninja", though by the
    time I actually had one, I'd come to realise that owning a "Ninja" was


    Honda Africa Twin - I'd fancied one of these or a Yamaha Super Tenere
    since my late teens, when I spent a lot of time travelling around
    Europe. In most camp sites you'd be in, some Euro-types would rock up
    on fully loaded big traillies, looking way cooler than us Interrailers
    with our sad Karrimor rucksacks. I've never owned either of these
    bikes, but I did manage to partially scratch my bike traillie itch
    with an R1150GS - much less satisfying than I'd hoped for, though.
    It's this still unsatisfied desire that leads me to consider one of
    the more recent offerings from the likes of KTM.

    GSXR750W-T - I may have got the model designation wrong, but I'm
    talking about the first of the new-frame-typed Gixers that came out in
    96. Really always wanted one, but at the time they were two expensive,
    and now they're a bit, well, "not 1000cc-ed", if you see what I mean.

    Yamaha RD250LC - I wanted one of these since being at school, mainly
    because it was the fastest bike I could think of that could be ridden
    on l-plates. Don't really feel the need any more, for some reason...

    Bimoto Mantra - best not to ask, really - call it the Imp of the
    Perverse having a word in my shell-like.

    Bikes I /should/ have fancied? Or bikes I really ought to consider?
    Don't bother mentioned Ducatis - I've never /really/ *wanted* one. I
    mean, I've thought about buying one, but the actual desire isn't
    really there.
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
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  2. darsy

    Krusty Guest

    RD/RG500, CR500, Munch Mammoth, Morini 3 1/2, 400 Four, Bimota Tesi,
    anything with 6 cylinders across the frame.
    Probably none of the above unless you've got a lot of spare time &

    Off-Road Classifieds

    '02 MV Senna '03 Tiger 955i '96 Tiger '79 Fantic Hiro 250
    Krusty, Oct 27, 2006
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  3. In, Krusty belched forth and ejected the following:
    I also desired one of these but the Skoal Bandit RG. I also lusted after
    the NS400
    Yup. I wanted one of these to put on the road.
    600 Bandit, old shape.

    Probably the most fun I've ever had on a bike.
    Whinging Courier, Oct 27, 2006
  4. darsy

    darsy Guest

    The RD/RG500 thing does nothing for me. I'd quite like a go on a
    CR500, but I wouldn't want to own one. I would also quite like to own
    a 400 Four (specifically, Blaney's) but I never fancied one as a
    youngster. As for the rest, well...Actually, you mention the Tesi - I
    don't want one of them, but your mention of this has made me realise
    I've left a bike of my original list - the Yamaha GTS1000.
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  5. darsy

    Andy Bonwick Guest

    I'd have had a Kawasaki 2 stroke triple in the list but that probably
    says more about my age than anything else.
    Andy Bonwick, Oct 27, 2006
  6. darsy

    darsy Guest

    yes, that's part of my point - I'm aware of the bikes you're talking
    about, but they mean absolutely nothing to me - they just look like
    all the other old 70s shit.
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  7. darsy

    TOG Guest

    darsy wrote:

    The only bike ever made with a walnut dash, IIRC.
    I think everyone should aspire to own, or at least ride, a real
    old-style 1970s two-stroke, like a Kawasaki H1 or H2. Or, a decade
    later, an RD500LC/500 Gamma. Many old Jap fours come over as, well,
    like a Bandit with shagged suspension and running on three, but a
    two-stroke sports bike is still unique. You may think they look like
    old shit, but the way they perform is something else.

    I reckon a Honda RC30 ought to be on your list too.

    For myself - always wanted a Ducati, and now got one. I've owned pretty
    well all the bikes I ever really lusted after, with the exception of a
    Kawasaki H2, Laverda Jota and a Magni-framed BMW boxer.
    TOG, Oct 27, 2006
  8. darsy

    Andy Bonwick Guest

    That'll be you locked up in protective custody once the rest of the
    dinosaurs read this.
    Andy Bonwick, Oct 27, 2006
  9. darsy

    darsy Guest

    I can see that. I was *so* into bikes from the age of 15-16, but
    wasn't allowed one. Then I temporarily forgot all about them when I
    passed my car test at 17 (but the previous desire for an Elsie still
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  10. darsy

    darsy Guest

    [email protected], ,
    that's one of my reasons for wanting one.
    maybe - clearly, I've never come close to riding one. I don't think
    I've ever even seen an H1 or H2 in the flesh, as it were.
    Nah, the only exotic Honda I vaguely fancy is the thing with the oval

    By the way, ebay item 140044727687 looks like your sort of thing. Or
    am I thinking of Timo?
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  11. darsy

    Ace Guest

    ..'_/_|_\_'. Ace (brucedotrogers a.t rochedotcom)
    \`\ | /`/ GSX-R1000K3 (slightly broken, currently missing)
    `\\ | //' BOTAFOT#3, SbS#2, UKRMMA#13, DFV#8, SKA#2, IBB#10
    Ace, Oct 27, 2006
  12. I did - and eventually ended up with one. I loved it - the width of the
    powerband, the fact that I could ride it for several hours at a stretch
    without too much pain[1] and the fact that it made a marvelous
    Oh - and the fact that it was the fastest bike I had ever ridden.


    [1] Well - until the arthritis started affecting my wrists too much
    that is - which coincided with me not touring as much since the guy I
    used to tour with died in a bike accident.
    [2] Until I put the standard exhaust back on for the MOT. And once
    again after the MOT when the Remus end-can went back on again.
    Phil Launchbury, Oct 27, 2006
  13. err - why? I have very little desire to ride an awkward and unreliable
    As in "no-where as well as a modern sportbike"?
    Now the Lavvy *is* one I would like.

    Phil Launchbury, Oct 27, 2006
  14. darsy

    darsy Guest

    that's the badger. They used to have one in the
    mentioned-several-times-in-this-thread Charles Hursts in Belfast, I
    think the price-tag was something like £37K, and it was kept away from
    the plebs in it's own specially roped-off area of the showroom.
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  15. darsy

    ogden Guest

    Kawasaki ZXR400 - my mate Wendy had one, and her bf Jay used to borrow
    it on a regular basis for us to go out and play silly fuckers, him on
    the 400, me on my TZR. It looked fantastic and the exhaust note near the
    redline was music to my ears. 6 years later I spotted one while killing
    time window shopping in a branch of Motorcycle City and couldn't think
    of a single reason not to buy one. So I did. Around the time it was
    nicked, I was thinking of chopping it in for a...

    Suzuki Bandit 1200 - cheap, huge, pulled like a train. Finding myself
    without car or bike, and about to start a job that involved a commute, I
    found a green one and took it for a test ride. **** me, it was like a
    giant BMX with a tractor engine shoehorned in. Put a deposit on it there
    and then, got rid of it when I felt like doing some runs to the
    continent and wanted a bit more wind protection, so punted it on and got

    Kawasaki ZX7R - by christ did I want one of these when I was 19. They
    were never really a desirable bike (the Fireblade, RC45 and 916 had that
    more than covered between them) but, when viewed from the right angle,
    they still give me wood. Only trouble was, after the Bandit it felt a
    bit gutless. Compared to a CG125, however...
    RGV250 - When I had a TZR125, my mate Mark had an RGV and it was the
    logical next step. No way I'd have been able to insure it though. I
    still check the classifieds occasionally and have a funny feeling I may
    pick one up some time next year if my cashflow goes as planned. But I'm
    sure it'd feel underwhelming now.

    Honda NC45 - Too expensive, or I'd have got one instead of the ZXR400.
    I'm sure it'd feel underwhelming now. Ties in nicely with...

    Honda RC45 - The superbike exotica of its time. I still remember
    Performance Bikes running the caption 'Waste of money' on their cover
    when it was launched, and not giving a monkeys. First time I saw one in
    the flesh was at the GP in 1994, parked up in the superbikes paddock,
    and it looked fantastic. Box Hill at the time was rammed to the gills
    with 916s and an RC45 would have been the bollocks in comparison. Maybe
    one day, but I'm sure it'd feel underwhelming now.

    Triumph Daytona 675 - looks fantastic, just got the urge for one around
    the same time my ability to insure anything bigger than a mobile sewing
    machine went out the window. If the new litrebike is anything like it,
    I'll have that on my shopping list for 2008 when I have some NCB and a
    pot of disposable cash.

    In the all-important "bikes I never want to own" category...

    Pretty much anything from before 1993
    CBR600 of any era
    CG125. Doh!
    ogden, Oct 27, 2006
  16. darsy

    darsy Guest

    it might not - mine is bizarrely quick seeming, but that could just be
    the fairly severe power band.
    Mostly in agreement there.
    agreed, absolutely 100% - horrible, horrible bikes, specially in
    Blaney Brown.
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  17. darsy

    SaladDodger Guest

    You have, and you were "less than complimentary".

    High Beech -that cantankerous blue thing I used to have.
    SaladDodger, Oct 27, 2006
  18. darsy

    darsy Guest

    oh right - that was a horrible piece of crap. How can anyone ever
    think about describing something like that as desirable in any way?
    darsy, Oct 27, 2006
  19. darsy

    Ace Guest

    You had to be there at the time. They truly represented a revolution
    in motorcycle thinking - the wrist-wrenching acceleration when they
    hit the power-band was unlike anything else available at the time.

    But I agree - nowadays they're good for nostalgia value only.

    ..'_/_|_\_'. Ace (brucedotrogers a.t rochedotcom)
    \`\ | /`/ GSX-R1000K3 (slightly broken, currently missing)
    `\\ | //' BOTAFOT#3, SbS#2, UKRMMA#13, DFV#8, SKA#2, IBB#10
    Ace, Oct 27, 2006
  20. Was it a little 100cc 2-stroke? If so then I had one briefly when I was
    building my insurance NCD back up so I could afford to insure a proper

    Horrible bike. Mine had a defective ignition switch so I bypassed it
    and controlled the ignition via a connector under the seat.

    Phil Launchbury, Oct 27, 2006
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