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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by kreatikl, Aug 31, 2003.

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    An evaluation study showed that the performance of the volunteer Country
    Fire Authority can be improved by the factor LOCAL knowledge.
    This means that the availability of local guides would benefit the CFA in
    the field. Especially when crews support fires in unfamiliar locations.

    So what is this email about?

    I was wondering if there are people who know THEIR area in detail and want
    to make that knowledge available on request of/to the CFA to ensure that
    fire trucks and the like are directed to places where they are needed;
    without going astray or getting stuck. The idea is that you guide the CFA
    vehicle on your off road motorcycle.
    You should know an area in detail, such as a forrest's every
    road/path/track. You could warn the driver that it is a dead end road, or
    that turning around is not possible, may be too steep or too dangerous, etc.

    If you like your bush trail AND want to support the CFA, send me an
    expresion of interest.
    If there is sufficient support for this idea I will ask the CFA officials to
    approve, develop and organise the whole shebang.
    Send your email toAdrian: with the subject CFA off road
    support [your state name]; further comments allowed but not required.
    When there is follow up, I will answer every expression of interest.

    I am an CFA member, proud of it and so could you.
    Adrian Ligthart
    kreatikl, Aug 31, 2003
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