Okay Okay....time to change my sig....

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. There's no "i" round here.
    Oh and may I take this opportunity to say "wooo" and "hooo".
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
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  2. It even has a gear lever fitted now.
    And straight(er) bars.

    Now to fix the rest of the bits the clumsy oaf bent.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
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  3. Doesnotcompute

    Cane Guest

    Hurrah! ..... don't crash ;of)
    Cane, Feb 29, 2004
  4. Doesnotcompute

    Lozzo Guest

    Previously on usenet, Doesnotcompute said...

    Lozzo : The anti-Timo
    ZZR1100D, GPZ500S, CB250RS x3
    BOTAFOT#57/70a, BOTAFOF#57, MIB#22, TCP#7,
    BotToS#8, GP#2, SBS#10, SH#3, DFV#14, BONY#9.
    Url for ukrm newbies : http://www.ukrm.net/faq/ukrmscbt.html
    http://www.glfuk.com/ for MJK Leathers in the UK.
    Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
    Lozzo, Feb 29, 2004

  5. Whaaaaaat?
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  6. Doesnotcompute

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    I give it a week.
    Andy Hewitt, Feb 29, 2004
  7. Andy Hewitt wrote:

    I hope not - previous owner had already done such thing for me.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  8. Doesnotcompute

    Pip Guest

    Nice. Ex-Blaney, I presume.
    Indeed. It's a nice bit of kit. While I'm here - I saw elsewhere
    thast you are fettling the indicators and tail light. You might like
    to bear in mind that in their present incarnation the indicators are
    pretty useless - or it may not bother you - but -

    When I followed Cane (I think) on Bleney's Bandit it was /very/
    difficult to see him indicating coming up to junctions. The lights
    are shielded from a POV directly behind, see. It struck me that
    (IMHO) the offside rear indicator is a bit important in an urban
    waiting-to-turn-right sense and if that light is obscured/downright
    bloody invisible, your safety may be compromised.

    Of course, if you're fitting whizz-bang LED jobbies that are as bright
    as a small Sun, then there may be no problem - or you can just tell me
    to go **** myself, which is fair comment. Having banged on about the
    indicators, the brake lights are nigh-on invisible too - but only one
    was working and with the sun behind me, I could barely see darsy's
    lights either. Actually, it's a bit of a miracle I didn't bulldoze
    the lot of 'em ;-)

    Have fun with it anyway, that's what it's for.
    Pip, Feb 29, 2004
  9. Doesnotcompute

    Pip Guest

    Butbutbut - the natural attitude of a Bandit is looking at the world
    from a horizontal perspective. Not lightly are they known as
    Binnedits, you know - and I speak from experience here.

    Ayand notwithstanding the foregoing, these things come in threes ...
    Pip, Feb 29, 2004
  10. Pip wrote:

    Might be :)


    Indeed. My initial intentions are to get it MOT'd asap.
    For the tail lights, I think LED's are essential now, as the geezer who
    specc'd the bike and blaney have found out - bulbs keep blowing/melting
    the lenses.

    I'm keen to find anything that fits with as little effing about as
    possible, cos I am as electrically minded as I am mechanical.

    For the winkers, the LED units I've spotted that should fit, are a clear
    smoked lense with 8 very bright LED's. So at worst, they'll get me
    through an MOT. If they're still invisible from the rear, then I'll
    probably consider adding something small elsewhere on the rear end.

    re: wating to turn right - simply remembering to angle the back end
    towards the pavement should help that. A bit.

    I intend to - but not all at once. It is very quick, and riding a
    non-cruiser is going to take some time to adjust to. Little things like
    remembering that one can't apply front brakeage whilst cornering [1] etc.

    I'd also benefit hugely from following some people that have good road
    lines, cos I know mine aren't the best at the moment.

    [1] this can be done o cruisers with much success, in fact to ride a
    cruiser quickly, it's essential.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  11. Doesnotcompute

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    Blimey, bringer of great cheer eh? ;-)

    However, it is the reading of this very forum that scrubbed Bandits from
    my want list.
    Andy Hewitt, Feb 29, 2004
  12. I'd agree with that.

    Of course, when I was borrowing it, I simply rode like
    a bastard, meaning that what was behind me didn't matter.
    Job's a good'un.
    Hard not to have fun on it.

    Get the rear shock sorted an' all...
    William Grainger, Feb 29, 2004
  13. heh. Ridden it yet?

    How many light years better than the VS is it?
    William Grainger, Feb 29, 2004
  14. I quite like the hard ride - but I do wonder how much
    the handling is affected for the worse by it...
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  15. William Grainger wrote:

    Certainly not.......officer.

    It's a different beast to the Vs for sure - but we knew that already.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  16. Doesnotcompute

    Ben Guest

    Working indicators are not an MOT requirement.
    Ben, Feb 29, 2004
  17. Bonus.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  18. Doesnotcompute

    Oldbloke Guest

    Hmm nice :)

    Deffo not riding to BOSM with you now (may have kept up with VS800, no
    chance with B12).

    Dan L (Oldbloke)
    My Bike 2000 Honda CB500
    M'boy's Bike 1990 Suzuki TS50X

    Oldbloke, Feb 29, 2004
  19. well it needs work, but.. yeah :)
    rubbish. The speed limit is the same regardless of what bike I'm on.
    Doesnotcompute, Feb 29, 2004
  20. Doesnotcompute

    Oldbloke Guest

    OK then, as you were (I am still in the "applying for a weekend pass" stage
    atm, but will keep you posted.

    Dan L (Oldbloke)
    My Bike 2000 Honda CB500
    M'boy's Bike 1990 Suzuki TS50X

    Oldbloke, Feb 29, 2004
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