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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by bikerbetty, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    On 07/09/11 2:30 PM, Diogenes wrote:

    Lunch at Wollombi.... yeah, I'm a definite.

    (It's because I have had a long history of doing lunches, some of them
    well into the spectacular class, that I'm so good at lunches. I'm
    specialising in the stuff I'm good at.)

    Group ride from someplace to there..... count me as a maybe.

    CrazyCam, Jul 9, 2011
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  2. bikerbetty

    Nev.. Guest

    Nev.., Jul 9, 2011
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  3. bikerbetty

    Diogenes Guest

    Tough Scottish stock I see...


    Onya bike

    Diogenes, Jul 9, 2011
  4. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    I really wish folk would give up on the "a Scotsman should be able to
    handle the cold" business.

    Why do you think I left Scotland?

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  5. bikerbetty

    GWD Guest

    A number of things leap to mind.. :)

    Cool breezes and kilts
    Incomprehensible accents...
    GWD, Jul 10, 2011
  6. bikerbetty

    atec77 Guest

    and you think as an Ozralian your accent is completely transparent >
    atec77, Jul 10, 2011
  7. bikerbetty

    GWD Guest

    No, what makes you think I do?
    GWD, Jul 10, 2011
  8. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    Haggis is all right....even better when served curried.... a la
    Pakistani chip shops.
    Kilts are all right, too. Having said that, if you plan to fall into
    the sea, don't do it wearing a kilt. Don't ask how I know this.

    The cool, as they say in Scotland, bracing, breezes are, indeed, what
    drove me away. That and black ice, snow and blizzards, grey overcast
    skies....and they got worse in winter.
    They are all right too, in the right places.

    If you travel through Glen Coe, and stop in the middle, you can
    sometimes hear, very distant, bagpipe music, and it is eerily pleasant.

    Trust me, "very distant" is the key phrase.

    In an enclosed space, bagpipe playing contravenes the Geneva Conventions.
    The folk on the West coast can understand each other, although people
    from more than ten miles from home, do talk funny.

    The folk on the East coast, I dunno if anyone can understand them. <shrug>

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  9. bikerbetty

    Diogenes Guest

    Never. :)
    Let's see... So you could ride a bike to McGrath's hill on a winter's
    mroing and laugh at the woossie Aussies complaining about what _they_
    call cold? I dunno...


    Onya bike

    Diogenes, Jul 10, 2011
  10. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    Actually, I did leave Scotland because of the weather.

    After my back got its "cut and shut" operation, I found the cold and
    damp very uncomfortable. To be honest. I wisnae that impressed with
    cold and damp, even before said operation.

    I went to Athens where I was living at my parent's place, when I met and
    got involved with Angie.

    We discussed where would be a good place to live, in terms of "neutral
    territory" and decided that Oz seemed like a good idea.

    Over 35 years later, we are still happy with that decision.

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  11. bikerbetty

    atec77 Guest

    Some of my mob are from around Churchtown , being Moyce and Scammell
    does that

    Many of the family spoke other than English and this is why I claim
    being unable to spell in Pommie
    atec77, Jul 10, 2011
  12. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    On 07/10/11 6:47 PM, atec77 wrote:

    Northern Ireland?

    (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  13. bikerbetty

    Diogenes Guest

    It's not a bad place. ;-)


    Onya bike

    Diogenes, Jul 10, 2011
  14. bikerbetty

    atec77 Guest

    The real scotts is CHurchtown
    mention Ireland again and I'll glass ye
    atec77, Jul 10, 2011
  15. I was in the Mishnish Hotel in Tobermory on a Saturday afternoon 4
    years ago (Mull music festival). Some Scots asked the two of us where
    we're from, "Australia" we said. His next line was fairly
    incomprehensible and his mates were smirking. I asked him to repeat
    himself as I couldn't hear him properly over the accordian music. He
    repeated whatever it was he said and while I couldnt say word for word
    what he said the gist was "where aboot in Australia?". When I replied
    "we're from the Blue Mountains about an hour and a bit west of
    Sydney" his jaw dropped and he just said "You understood that?" his
    mates pissed themselves laughing.

    I never told him why I could understand him (I grew up in a house full
    of scots accents and surrounded by lots of scots people so the accent
    was no challenge). We thought we might have some trouble with the
    accents up in the Orkneys but it was pretty mild even there. Did get
    to see a Yamaha TDR250 in Kirkwall though (obligatory moto content)

    Alan Pennykid, Jul 10, 2011
  16. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    On 07/10/11 7:35 PM, Alan Pennykid wrote:

    If it sounded like.... "Furry boots?" the questioner was probably from
    the East coast, Aberdeen or there aboots.

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  17. bikerbetty

    CrazyCam Guest

    My apologies.

    I don't know where Churchtown is, in Scotland.

    Neither does Google mapping.

    Since Scotland and the North of Ireland are almost within shouting
    distance, there has been, over the years, a fair amount of back and
    forward between them, and I meant no offence.

    CrazyCam, Jul 10, 2011
  18. bikerbetty

    atec77 Guest

    INVERNESS-SHIRE was where Churchton was sited
    (seems the spelling changed along the way)
    Anyway it's obvious as a group we are Scots , being only 192 cm I am
    one of the smaller ones in the family
    atec77, Jul 11, 2011
  19. bikerbetty

    bruce Guest

    its been 10days, in for repairs yet?
    bruce, Jul 11, 2011
  20. bikerbetty

    Moike Guest

    Ouch. I think I'm getting irony overload.
    wtf77 responds to an suggestion that he spouts horseshit by snipping
    that bit and spouting more horseshit.
    Moike, Jul 11, 2011
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