Online shop manual for original Hurricane ('87 CBR600) ??

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Puddin' Man, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Puddin'  Man

    Puddin' Man Guest

    Subject line tells the story.

    I have checked:

    Oldest was 89-90.


    "Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens!"
    -Friedrich Schiller
    Puddin' Man, Sep 1, 2007
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  2. Puddin'  Man

    Al Guest

    Get that one, 87-90 are the same with minor updates. I just d/l'ed it
    Thanks! Get the common service one on the same page - lotsa good stuff
    in there. (I have an 87 black btw.)
    Al, Sep 1, 2007
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  3. Puddin'  Man

    Puddin' Man Guest

    Red over black? Ever have to tear down, clean the carbs?

    I got both manuals from

    Even Clymer broke out the 87-89. There are material differences.

    My shop was out of the Honda manuals years ago, I gotta
    Clymer. Regretted it ever since.


    "Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens!"
    -Friedrich Schiller
    Puddin' Man, Sep 2, 2007
  4. Puddin'  Man

    Al Guest

    Yeah, black with red stripes, 1 owner (me). Helm sells one manual for
    the 87-*90* CBR. Better tell them clymer says they've got it all
    wrong. Backwards jet insertion on GL1000's and backwards (costly!)
    tests for fuel pump relay and ignitor on mid 80's accords are just 2
    of the many gotchas in Clymer manuals that I have direct experience
    Helm sells it for $45 and lists Canadian addresses in their dropdowns
    and this note "If you wish to ship outside of the United States and
    Canada, please use our International checkout process. Thank you."
    which makes me think they do sell to Canada. I did have the carbs off
    when it was 2 yrs old to insatll a dynojet kit (mistake). Old carb
    rubbers are stubborn, try the hot water trick TOG recommended.
    Al, Sep 2, 2007
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