Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Jerry, May 22, 2009.

  1. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    Some time ago I posted the name of a place that I bought viton orings.
    However, I can not find the post. Maybe someone else has a news server that
    has better message retention could search for me?
    Jerry, May 22, 2009
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  2. Jerry

    louie Guest

    Here you go my American 'idle'-

    don't know about your chart, but put this in Google (hydraulic supplies
    Dallas) and start calling. ask for viton 123 size oring. they will know what
    you are talking about. Took me 2 calls to find them in Houston. First call
    was to a supply house where they referred me to another that carried viton
    products. I am not sure, but I think this is where I thing I got them.

    After I wrote that, I found some sites referencing retailers locally,
    here. I emailed:
    last night, explaining all the details. I've not yet received a reply.

    Here is the link to the thread

    louie, May 22, 2009
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  3. Jerry

    Anonymous Guest


    Can you contact me at this reply address?

    I have a few Valkyrie parts, including stuff
    you mention, if you're interested.
    Anonymous, May 22, 2009
  4. Jerry

    louie Guest

    Now that's what he really wanted. "I can't read back that far" my ass.

    louie, May 23, 2009
  5. Jerry

    louie Guest

    thanks Deere

    louie, May 23, 2009
  6. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    Thanks Louie. Once again you prove yourself smarter than me. I sure as hell
    could not find it in Google either.
    Jerry, May 23, 2009
  7. Jerry

    Jerry Guest

    Email sent
    Jerry, May 25, 2009
  8. Jerry

    BiffB Guest

    BiffB, May 28, 2009
  9. Jerry

    louie Guest

    I am just posting this here for Jerry's pot smoking friend Darrel, or
    Dwayne, or whatever his name was.


    groovy man

    louie, May 28, 2009
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