OT The cults top training guy..SF south bay.

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Phil Scott, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Guest


    Mug shot of a top scientology trainer...

    The criminal cult of scientology tried to protect this 'highly
    respected senior course supervisor' (and child molester) in
    Mountain View Calif, by ***threatening the lives of his
    victims*** ... impressive, no?

    The cults recruiters, after all this, and a massive 40 year
    long crime wave... with many of their buddies sent off to
    federal prisons are STILL recruiting for the cult...and STILL
    donating to fund guys like Jeff Quiros, a cult enforcer
    operating out of San Francisco in his threats against the
    victims (now dissapeared apparently, for a wide range of
    reasons that we have seen before, to avoid legal service some
    go to the cults prison camps where they are abused to the
    point they are too screwed up to testify... several ex cult
    executives have testified to running those operations.)

    .... and STILL these recruiter types are doing their 'safe
    pointing' freebie seminars and other infitration tactics
    directly intended and demanded by the scientology leaders in
    order to suck in yet more and more 'raw meat'....

    Scientology inc is STILL doing covert espionage against anyone
    that exposes them.. and STILL using that espionage to
    blackmail and control government officials ...

    We have had some of the most effective cult of scientology
    recruiters operating on *these NG's... and donating the money
    used to fund operations against myself and others, including
    federal judges, and prosecutors, who speak up world wide.

    What judges say:

    I am speaking up. I think its the responsible thing to
    do...this cult was founded by L Ron Hubbard the well known
    satanist... and spawned Charlie Manson and others of his ilk..
    this cult attacks the children and aged parents of its

    Its nasty you see. It attacked me.

    that was a mistake of course....attacking an old flat
    tracker is never very bright...we have spent half a life time
    looking certain death and dismemberment in the eye for
    sport... jerks, killers, pimps and various other scum... we
    can handle

    Scientology inc. sends its other members out to 'safe point'..
    thats join civic groups etc.. befriend the police etc.. go to
    major disasters and peddle its bogus books....it will use a
    guy like Williams to find someone in the police dept and
    compromise him or a politician in child molesting or
    whatever....tax, bank or real estate fraud, money laundering,
    ...then the official becomes a pawn of scientology.. he tows
    the line or else.

    The official is forced to hire cult members onto his
    staff...from there these go after the other officials. (the
    tactic is written up by hubbard in his 'green volumes' along
    with instructions on how to pick locks and lie etc... those
    stack about 3' tall).

    See www.xenu.net for the story of the mayor of Clearwater
    Florida, Gabe Caesares, I knew the absolutely stunning blond
    babe, Karen or maybe it was Sharon Thomas they used to try to
    compromise then blackmail him in the late 70's...she was
    innocent and pure as snow and alive at the start of the
    op..about age 20... she was a jaded looking shell of a person
    two years later when I met her again... she let me know that
    not all was what it seemed in scientology.

    Scientology inc is long on record for framing innocent people
    with crimes, espionage and black mail...and has many members
    sent to prison for that world wide.

    We have people posting this NG who are close associates of
    this guy Gabriel Williams... and others now in federal
    prisons for frauds into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    ..... their recruiting tactics are to offer free services or do
    civic group volunteerism, then once accepted ... refer people
    to other cult members to do business ... legitimately at first
    ....then gradually shift 'the raw meat' to more and more cult
    members and eventually into the cult itself where complete
    spiritual, financial and family disaster most often ensues...
    exceptions are rare...

    whats left after 98 percent of the people leave scientology,
    most often in ruins, or dead...are the recruiters...pimps and
    conn men...getting a percentage of the take.

    These will tell you that they are doing fine...and that
    scientology is a good thing and point to the fine work the
    other pimps are doing. Guys like Williams for example, or
    Slatkin, and hundreds of others, many now under federal
    indictments world wide, but most still running loose.... 4
    banks were complicit with Slatkin for instance, fined 26.5
    million dollars .. (the bank officers named as willingly
    complicit walked.. go figure)

    Amazing isnt it? I for one feel a responsibility to alert
    those sniffing at the bait ...that there just might be a faint
    little problemo with this group that has the very glossy front
    end..and slick front groups... and slick promoters.

    www.slatkinfraud.com notice this guys kisser. Nice guy
    hu? He screwed crippled people out of their last dime leaving
    them destitute on the street. He was close buddies with at
    least two people who recruit actively on these NG's... these
    still recruit...even as all this crime is exposed.

    Now THATS what you call a killer brain wash job.

    The rest of the links to this story are here:
    With photo's

    Other links are here:

    Phil Scott
    Phil Scott, Oct 4, 2005
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  2. Phil Scott

    abc Guest

    Dont hold back Phil, tell them the stuff about space aliens too...

    (someone ask him about dead space aliens!)

    "Your" crowd deserve to hear it ALL.

    It isnt really THAT off topic to drag the alt.religion.scientology
    crazyness over to this group, is it?

    You are just a crusty old flat tracker who'd never tell a tall tale....
    abc, Oct 4, 2005
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  3. Phil Scott

    PC Paul Guest


    PC Paul
    89 PC800
    77 R100RS

    Trip pics at: http://photos.yahoo.com/paul1cart

    "To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to
    society" - Theodore Roosevelt
    PC Paul, Oct 4, 2005
  4. Don't be so coy, Filbert. If you want to write a
    Zola-esque "J'Accuse!", at least have the balls to name which people
    you are accusing of guilt by association and tell us *exactly* what
    crimes you suspect them of, or SHUT THE **** UP!

    Go public, quit beating around the bush, or be quiet.

    Commit yourself to the ultimate destruction of the perceived evil COS,
    or get a new life.

    "Old flat trackers" like you aren't afraid of a little jail time,
    so let's get down to exactly who, what, when, where, and why, or be

    Actually, silence is bliss, Filbert. If you take abuse from somebody,
    break off the abusive relationship, seek legal rememdies and are unable
    to get justice in any court, and you *still* continue to obsess
    about past injustices, you are only abusing yourself, and heap darkness
    upon the enlightenment that you seek.

    The world is full of injustices and suffering. You are not the remedy
    for the injustices done to others or their suffering.

    You can only deal with the injustices done to yourself and try to heal
    your own emotional pain.

    Let the pain go, Filbert. Stop obsessing about the past and enjoy the
    bliss of mental silence.

    Get a parrot. Teach it to say, "It's a beautiful world after all," when
    you walk in the door of your motor home. The healing will begin.

    Buy more parrots. Let the new parrots learn to say, "It's a beautiful
    world after all," from an endlessly playing tape recording. If they
    hear "It's a beautiful world after all," every thirty seconds for a
    month or so, it's all they will ever say...

    Go into the "Bird of Bliss" business, selling happy parrots to unhappy
    people. You'll get rich quick, as the world is just full of unhappy

    As you well know, you're one of the unhappy people.
    krusty kritter, Oct 4, 2005
  5. The criminal cult of scientology tried to protect this 'highly respected
    Not near as impressive as the village idiot lecturing ANYBODY on the subject
    of ANYTHING and expecting people to take him seriously.
    Troy the Troll, Oct 5, 2005
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