OT, windowz mobile 5, connect to net with phone via blootoof

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by gazz, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. gazz

    gazz Guest

    I have a HP RX5935 pocket pc, running windowz mobile 5, its got bluetooth,
    gps, wifi etc onboard,

    i want to use it to connect to the net whilst i'm out and about (geocaching
    to be exact, so i can get live sat maps and all that bollox, and i do mount
    the ppc on the bike, and will be riding to the geacache sites)

    i've got a nokia E70 phone, which can connect to the net via 3G or gprs, and
    can work as a modem type thing when connected to my laptop via the usb
    cable, and i think it can do the same via bluetooth,

    but i want to connect the ppc to the net via the phone with bluetooth,

    any ideas what i need to get to do this? i have paired the ppc to the phone,
    but the only option i get for net connecting is to use the phone as a modem,
    i.e. it wants an area code and number to dial,

    i've got t-mobile on a payg sim, think it's still a quid a day for 3G net
    access, but to connect to that on the phone it uses an apn or something like
    that, not a number it dials,

    any ideas?
    gazz, Mar 18, 2009
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  2. gazz

    gazz Guest

    Answering my own question.... i tried joiku spot again, had tried it years
    ago and it didnt work, this shares the 3G connection on the phone as a wifi
    access point (anyone know which pulls more power, bluetooth or wifi? i'm
    thinking wifi as it's got a better range)

    i managed to connect to the net with my laptop accessing the phones wifi
    spot it created,
    can connect to the wifi spot with the ppc, but it wont let me access owt on
    the net, and i was trying a basic http site (google)

    so i'm kinda halfway there, but i'd still rather have the link between the
    phone and ppc as bluetooth to save power,
    gazz, Mar 18, 2009
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  3. gazz

    boots Guest

    In the dial up box enter *99# as the number, no username or password.
    Should be all you need to do to establish a packet connection.
    boots, Mar 18, 2009
  4. gazz

    gazz Guest

    i'd read about that somewhere, one place gave me some extra modem commands
    to make it do an APN dial and all that bollox, but it dusnay work laddie.

    think somethings fucked on me phone, i have 3 entries for the 3G settings
    that t-mobile sent me, the first 2 i cant delete, comes up with 'unable to
    execute file for secutiry reasons'

    the 3 settings all look the same when i explore them, but only the last one
    works when i manually connect to the net on the phone, so i guess the remote
    modem thing is trying to connect with one of the other settings.

    when i do the *99# thing with nowt else, i see the data connection symbol
    flash on my phone which means it's connecting, but the 2 arrows never become
    solid, and when it stops flashing and goes away, i get the error message
    'the remote modem hung up on you' or something like that.

    fucking thing, wish i'd got a pda with a built in 3G connection, but i had
    to have one with gps built in, and not many had that when i got the hp
    travel companion.

    I guess i need to reset my phone back to factory settings to remove those
    extra apn's that wont delete, then get the t-mobile stuff again (phone was
    on vodafone when i bought it, so that's what it'll reset back to i guess,
    luckily vodafone never locked their contact phones back then, not sure if
    they do it now, all the others do)
    gazz, Mar 18, 2009
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