OTish:Price of house garage/extension?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by A.Lee, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. A.Lee

    A.Lee Guest

    With an impending new arrival in our family, it may be time to start
    looking at getting an extra bedroom.
    Me being rather cunning, the case for a decent garage/workshop can now
    be brought forward, with the proviso that it can also be used for the
    washing/drying etc to keep her happy.

    It's a 3 bed semi,with the extension to be built at the side of the
    house,and I'm planning on a largish open area downstairs as the garage,
    with 2 rooms upstairs, which could either be fitted out as a bathroom or
    bedroom depending on how we plan it.
    So, has anyone any idea of the cost of a 2 floor extension to the end of
    an house? Is £10k a ballpark figure?
    (this is Midlands pricing, not central London). I'd be happy for the
    shell/roof/floor to be built, and I fit out the interior to reduce
    A.Lee, Aug 16, 2005
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  2. Are you confident that you'll get planning permission? If not, stop now
    until you are.

    All depends on a lot of factors, primarily:
    1) the architect/surveyors
    2) the builders
    3) the materials you specify
    4) the complexity of the job - special foundation requirements etc

    10k sounds too cheap to me, but I don't have any figures to back that
    up. I'm sure you could save a packet if you were prepared to take it
    over from first fix (mains elec/water/gas) but you'd better be confident
    of your skills, time availability and motivation - it's a lot of work.

    Get plenty of quotes - both from architects and contractors - don't go
    with the cheapest. Recommendations are always a bonus.


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    Doesnotcompute, Aug 16, 2005
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  3. A.Lee

    Vass Guest

    Just had a quote (South Coast)
    8 foot extension to side of semi detached
    full depth of house
    Downstairs, Utility room, Loo and extra bed/study/cinema room
    Upstairs enlarges 2 bedrooms on that side of gable end
    £ 30,000 not including wiring, plastering, finishing.
    Vass, Aug 16, 2005
  4. In uk.rec.motorcycles, A.Lee amazed us all with this pearl of wisdom:
    Excellent, what are you getting, a sprots bike or something more
    traditional? ;0
    Whinging Courier, Aug 16, 2005
  5. A.Lee

    Dan White Guest

    I looked into this last month. Consensus was £7-15k for a free standing
    garage, which would be quite simple on the planning permission front. For
    extension to the property, double that, and expect to pay the
    architects/council up to £1k to permit you.
    Dan White, Aug 16, 2005
  6. A.Lee

    flash Guest

    One going up next door in Northants, 2 storey, one room downstairs, bathroom
    upstairs. 28k.
    flash, Aug 17, 2005
  7. A.Lee

    Big Tony Guest

    I would think that figure is on the low side you will need to factor things
    like Architect's and Building consent fees. A lot will depend on the quality
    of finishes you specify. For instance you could easily spend 5K or more on
    sanitary ware and tiles in bathroom. For something average, I'd be budgeting
    for an all in spend of in the region of 20 - 30K for your project.

    If you are serious about it, get an architect or similar to draw you up some
    plans and then get a number of builders to quote against them. If you just
    get them to quote against your verbal requirements, you will not be
    comparing apples with apples.
    Big Tony, Aug 17, 2005
  8. A.Lee

    zymurgy Guest

    Ouch ! So another few K on top of that for the above. Part P now
    effectively stops all that nice DIY wiring too :-(

    zymurgy, Aug 17, 2005
  9. A.Lee

    Ben Blaney Guest

    You are a Northern prole.

    Ben Blaney, Aug 17, 2005
  10. A.Lee

    zymurgy Guest


    I DIY'ed my own bathroom and it still cost around 2 grand in tiles and
    bathroom furniture. The (non standard size) bath itself was over 200


    zymurgy, Aug 17, 2005
  11. A.Lee

    Ace Guest

    I reckon ours was about EU5k[1] and I did it all except the tiling.

    [1] excluding gold taps of course.
    ..'_/_|_\_'. Ace (brucedotrogers a.t rochedotcom)
    \`\ | /`/ GSX-R1000K3
    `\\ | //' BOTAFOT#3, SbS#2, UKRMMA#13, DFV#8, SKA#2
    Ace, Aug 17, 2005
  12. A.Lee

    R Guest

    I'd say that was way out. Allow for about £800-1200 per m^2 of total
    floor area. That's approx. what builders use for estimation. Other
    fees on top of this.

    I did a similar extension and that cost over 50K. YMMV.

    R, Aug 17, 2005
  13. A.Lee

    A.Lee Guest

    Christ, I had a quote to rewire my whole house for £2000, so doing an
    extension with maybe 4 rooms wouldnt be more than £500 round here, as it
    is a lot easier to do it while it is being built.
    You can still DIY, but it is supposed to be checked by a NICEIC
    electrician to make sure it is safe, my mate reckons an independant
    tester would come round and certify it for a £50 fee.
    A.Lee, Aug 17, 2005
  14. A.Lee

    A.Lee Guest

    I can see that 10k is on the low mark, but I was having a wild guess
    after watching last weeks 'Life in the Country' programme where he did a
    bloody good job in converting an old church into a marvellous house for
    £35000 complete with furnishings.(albeit he did most of the work
    I think £50k is over the top - we've just had new house insurance when I
    changed mortgage a few months ago, and the valuer thought that the house
    could be rebuilt for ~£50-60k if it burnt down (I questioned him why the
    insurance wasnt the same as the house value).
    After more thought, it looks like I will have to budget for up to £20k,
    but would rather get it down to 15k tops.
    Thanks for all the replies.
    A.Lee, Aug 17, 2005
  15. A.Lee

    Vass Guest

    same here :)
    Vass, Aug 17, 2005
  16. A.Lee

    R Guest

    I think 50K is OTT too, but it was the best quote we got. I don't
    have the time or skill to do the building myself. The highest quote
    was over 55K.

    House rebuild cost rarely bears any relationship to the market value
    of the house.
    Good luck to you! If you can get anything 2 storey done for £20k I'd
    be amazed. What's the available space for the extension?
    I've been through this and know many others who have done the same.
    It _always_ costs a lot more than you expect. If you do all the work
    yourself you can keep the costs down but who has time for that?

    Cheers, Mark R.
    R, Aug 18, 2005
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