Oxygen Mask

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by MMiazga, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. MMiazga

    MMiazga Guest

    I started commuting on a '92 K75S in September. I live in the Los
    Angeles area and ride 60+ miles/day in rush hour freeway traffic, 1-2
    hours a day. I'm wondering if there is an oxygen mask that I can
    purchase and wear while riding. Often I can smell really bad exhaust
    fumes.. this can't be good for me. Anyone know of anything?
    MMiazga, Jun 18, 2007
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  2. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    A real SCB setup would probably be more expensive than it's worth, and
    you'd have to get medical O2 and not machine or aeronautical O2: those
    contain oil or don't have enough water.

    You're probably better off with some kind of particulate filter with
    activated charcoal.
    Timberwoof, Jun 18, 2007
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  3. MMiazga

    Rich Guest

    Not to mention the danger of carrying oxygen so close to a couple of
    active sparkplugs. I'd second your suggestion TW. Rider Wearhouse has
    a scarf with activated charcoal filter for $30 and a mask for $45.

    Rich, Urban Biker
    Rich, Jun 19, 2007
  4. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    Well, oxygen by itself doesn't burn; it needs a fuel.
    These will get the particulates, but not CO or NOx ... but there's
    precious little one can do about those anyway.
    Timberwoof, Jun 19, 2007
  5. MMiazga

    Alan Moore Guest

    I'll second that. If you feel you must have supplemental oxygen, check
    out the suppliers for the general aviation and sailplane communities.
    They use the stuff at high altitudes. My father-in-law even has some
    improvised gear he made from thermos jugs to carry liquid oxygen in
    his sailplanes. You probably don't want that on a motorcycle,

    Al Moore
    DoD 734
    Alan Moore, Jun 19, 2007
  6. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    Dangerous and finnicky: you haver to find a way to increase the humidity
    of the mix or you'll dehydrate and be unhappy. (Aviation O2 has no water
    in it; otherwise ice would form in valves, and that sucks.)
    Timberwoof, Jun 19, 2007
  7. MMiazga

    Robster Guest

    There really isn't much/anything you can do with regards to using
    oxygen. Ok, for the literal-minded: there is nothing *practical* that
    you can do. However, you can get involved in local politics, and
    lobby for more clean air measures, better public transportation,
    etc ...
    Robster, Jun 19, 2007
  8. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    Clean-air measures are for tree-hugging, lung-loving liberals! They're
    bad for business! We should let the market decide whether they want
    clean air. If they do, they'll buy cleaner-burning cars, only buy
    electricity from clean power plants. A free market will make the right
    decision in the end.

    Ouch. What he hell was that? I had a sudden burst of stupidity. It felt
    like I was channelling President Bush.
    Timberwoof, Jun 20, 2007
  9. Flextime. It's astonishing the difference in traffic if you can
    manage to arrive at 9:30 or 10 instead of 9:00 am. There's also
    that lovely little bit of silence at the end of the day after the
    departure of all the boz^H^H^Hcoworkers who want you to
    attend meetings, answer emails etc.
    Rob Kleinschmidt, Jun 20, 2007
  10. MMiazga

    Ken Ward Guest

    You probably don't really mean to imply that aviators oxygen is
    deficient in some way because it has *less* water than medical oxygen.
    I've used it for many years in light airplanes and gliders, and it's
    specified for aircraft use.

    Oxygen-wise, I agree that medical oxygen would be a better choice
    because it's cheaper and there are more places to purchase it.
    Generally I have to go to airports to buy aviators oxygen. I wouldn't
    breathe welder's oxygen for an hour on a bet.

    Still, I'm not sure that adding a diluter-demand oxygen cannula or mask
    is the solution. You'd still be breathing some bad air, but the bad air
    would be diluted by oxygen; better but not perfect.

    A tank could easily be $200, a regulator another $200, plus a cannula
    for $50 or so. An airport pilot's shoppe could supply a complete
    package. You'd want the tank in a saddle bag, but routing the hose
    could be a issue, along with connect/disconnect fittings. Feh.

    SCUBA equipment might work. Wouldn't be any cheaper and you'd have to
    deal with a rigid hose, but as long as you didn't inhale through your
    nose you'd be fine. On dive boats with nasty diesel exhaust I'll put in
    my regulator and mouth breathe only. Works a treat.

    '91 K100RS
    still slogging the 85-237-101 valley commute
    Ken Ward, Jun 21, 2007
  11. MMiazga

    h2omike Guest

    h2omike, Jun 21, 2007
  12. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    Expensive cars have HEPA filters, but most cars have no filters at all.
    And even HEPA filters don't filter out the smaller smog molecules. So
    being in a car won't help.
    Timberwoof, Jun 21, 2007
  13. MMiazga

    h2omike Guest

    Hm.. I never really smelled it as bad in the car as on my bike. I
    guess I assumed filters were filtering the air.
    h2omike, Jun 21, 2007
  14. MMiazga

    Robster Guest

    If you are on a bike, you will be on the road for a shorter period of
    time, and so you should be breathing less pollutants than if you were
    in a car. I doubt any filter will stop carbon monoxide.

    As for carrying scuba gear, aviation gear, NASA spacesuit ...
    whatever. Who, in their right mind would buy that gear, and then
    carry it and wear it. And if you crash, might the O2 explode? No
    wait ... you could just use a car, and hang one of those fancy pine-
    tree deodorizers from your rear-view mirror.
    Robster, Jun 21, 2007
  15. MMiazga

    h2omike Guest

    Right, I'll live with it. I'm new to riding.. got my first bike in
    September trying to figure out a better way to commute. Thought I'd
    see what you seasoned riders were doing.
    h2omike, Jun 21, 2007
  16. Does anyone remember that guy that used to ride around SF with a gas mask
    on? Might want to contact him, he might have an angle on it, unless he was
    out for the freak-factor. I have stupidly played around with igniting
    oxygen and it really adds a spectacular punch to any explosion. I would
    suggest buying a box of the nice (read: more expensive) 3M disposable
    particulate filters. I have used them in city traffic, and while they don't
    stop everything, the reduction in crap you will breathe is pretty
    significant. I might be going overboard here, but douche your nose (insert
    nose in stream of water and breathe in) before and after exposing yourself
    to particulates. Before increases the efficiency of your natural filters in
    your nose and after cleans out the gack.

    My other thought, is that sometimes, by the time I get all my riding gear
    on, and I'm nervous/excited about the ride, right when I start out I notice
    a shortness of breath/harder to breathe thing go on for a couple of minutes.
    Sure would hate to add to that feeling with more complications......

    Move out of LA for crissakes!

    mentALEXcersize, Jun 24, 2007
  17. MMiazga

    barb Guest

    Geez, it's just a ride, man. Hope you don't get so enturbulated when you
    just run down the block for milk...

    Chaplain, ARSCC

    "Comparing Scientology to a motorcycle gang is a gross, unpardonable
    insult to bikers everywhere. Even at our worst, we are never as bad as
    -ex-member, Thunderclouds motorcycle "club"
    barb, Jun 26, 2007
  18. MMiazga

    muddy cat Guest

    Er, if you dislike them so much why do you talk like them?
    muddy cat, Jun 26, 2007
  19. MMiazga

    Timberwoof Guest

    If you do get enturbulated, just take a detour on the way back past the
    $cienos and take a dump on their front porch. They know how to deal with
    body thetans.
    Timberwoof, Jun 26, 2007
  20. MMiazga

    barb Guest

    Because it amuses me to use nonsense words. I get all outgrabe.

    Chaplain, ARSCC

    "Comparing Scientology to a motorcycle gang is a gross, unpardonable
    insult to bikers everywhere. Even at our worst, we are never as bad as
    -ex-member, Thunderclouds motorcycle "club"
    barb, Jun 26, 2007
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