OY Sat Nav Tom tiddly tom tom?

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Alan, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Alan

    Alan Guest

    Daughter aged 18 knows it all, knows **** all in reality so she calls me and
    says she is lost in the car and going towards a village she has never heard
    of and how does she get home?

    So i have a picture in my mind where she is and spend 10 minutes directing
    her home, so my question is what Sat Nav unit should i get (portable) for
    her, mind you i might want a loan of it sometimes when i nip out, and i
    suspect her mother will also use it.

    So, anyone got a contact for a good deal, can they have speed camera
    locations put in and updated, i know naff all about them so at your mercy.

    Alan, Nov 20, 2006
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  2. Alan

    SteveH Guest

    Carphone Whorehouse have Garmin i3s for £99.99 at the moment.

    I've had one for a few months and can't really fault it.
    SteveH, Nov 20, 2006
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  3. Seconded. Brother-in-law bought one a week ago and is highly chuffed with
    it. Fast free delivery too.

    Mungo \Two Sheds\ Toadfoot, Nov 20, 2006
  4. P.S. It says it's out of stock but you can still order it.
    Mungo \Two Sheds\ Toadfoot, Nov 20, 2006
  5. Alan

    WavyDavy Guest

    AA Road Atlas, about £5.99 in a bucket bookshop.

    Personally I have TomTom, but it's wrong about 75% of the time on the last
    fiddly bits and it winds me up.

    Maps and the ability to read them, possibly coupled toi a GPS device that'll
    pinpoint your exact current location would be a far better investment....

    WavyDavy, Nov 20, 2006
  6. Alan

    Steve Parry Guest

    I have TomTom Mobile on my Nokia phone and it works well in the cradle on
    the dashboard.
    Steve Parry, Nov 20, 2006
  7. Alan

    Monkey Guest

    Turded. I have the I2 - identical apart from mine's the pikey black and
    white version. Currently £89.99 in Amazon

    Great for the UK, and you can download speed camera databases, but don't
    plan to upgrade to Europe, or even more up-to-date UK maps - that involves
    buying new pre-programmed memory cards that cost as much, or more than the
    Monkey, Nov 20, 2006
  8. Alan

    ginge Guest

    ginge, Nov 20, 2006
  9. Alan

    Eiron Guest

    But if someone had just bought a new Garmin and wanted to share the data
    with those of us whose maps are a year old now, he could just put the
    card in a laptop and copy the data files....
    Eiron, Nov 20, 2006
  10. Alan

    SteveH Guest

    I'm afraid that doesn't work.

    There's a 'hidden' set of data on the Garmin cards which stops you from
    swapping cards and / or content of cards between units.
    SteveH, Nov 20, 2006
  11. Wow, you must be unlucky, I've had the original tom tom go for a few years
    now and its never put a foot wrong.
    I've always updated it with the latest maps of w.europe and its been 99%
    I travel a lot in the UK/France/Germany and Benalux and am a totally happy
    camper and couldn't praise it enough.
    Brownz \(Mobile\), Nov 21, 2006
  12. Alan

    Dan L Guest

    Alan tossed off:
    I have a Navman ICN320.

    Cheap, pikey, easy to use, often gets it wrong.

    I don't think that a satnav is a 100% replacement for a good sense of
    direction and the ability to read a map.

    Dan L

    1996 Kawasaki ZR1100 Zephyr

    BOTAFOT #140 (KotL 2005/6)
    BOMB#18 (slow)
    Dan L, Nov 21, 2006
  13. Alan

    WavyDavy Guest

    Mine's the PDA version.. It has the crappest route round Paris to/from
    Orleans I've ever read, which accounts for a large number of the spurious
    directions. Others include, in the past, not having the M6 Toll on the
    maps, not having the new Derby/A50 link road on the maps, driving round in
    circles in around Reigate because it didn't recognise the turn-off I wanted
    as a road, getting into a housing estate in Stoke that had no through route
    etc etc etc...

    Admittedly most of these happened 18 months-2 years ago and the
    maps/software may be better now, but mine has the latest set of maps offered
    (about 10-12 months ago) and all that I could see had changed was the M6
    Toll suddenly was on them. It didn't change the route around Paris, for

    WavyDavy, Nov 21, 2006
  14. Agreed about the Paris issue... when ever I'm heading North coast to South
    coast or vv then it always tries to take me around the periph.

    I've added a couple of favourite waypoints for East and West sides which I
    now add into any route to avoid any ring road nastiness.

    Pricey as they may be, the updated maps are worth it (especially if you can
    buy them on your company credit card).
    Brownz @ Work, Nov 21, 2006
  15. Alan

    Alan Crowder Guest

    Thanks to you all for your comments, after all this i now
    have purchased direct from Halfords online with a discount,
    a new TomTon One V2.0 for £178.02

    So when it arrives i will have fun playing and hopefully
    nobody in this house will get lost.

    Alan Crowder, Nov 22, 2006
  16. Alan

    MikeH Guest

    If you do you can always shout to each other.
    Unless it's a *really* big house.
    MikeH, Nov 22, 2006
  17. Alan

    Alan Crowder Guest

    Four bed detached, and yes, i can shout as loud as i can but
    neither wifey or daughter ever answer, dunno why!

    Alan Crowder, Nov 22, 2006
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