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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Sir.Tony, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Sir.Tony

    Sir.Tony Guest

    You are a cold man.

    Your drunk-driver fan.
    Sir.Tony, Feb 29, 2004
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  2. Sir.Tony

    Cane Guest

    You're a rapper aren't you...Notorious Dr Tony Z?
    Cane, Mar 1, 2004
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  3. Sir.Tony

    Ginge Guest

    More like M C Spanner.
    Ginge, Mar 1, 2004
  4. Sir.Tony

    Nigel Eaton Guest

    Using the patented Mavis Beacon "Hunt&Peck" Technique, Ginge
    Sir.Doggy Dogg.
    Nigel Eaton, Mar 1, 2004
  5. Sir.Tony

    Cane Guest

    Bwahaha... now that's gonna stick.
    Cane, Mar 1, 2004
  6. Sir.Tony

    Pip Guest

    Mainly to car doors, I'd assume.
    Pip, Mar 1, 2004
  7. Slime Shabby.



    GS 850 x2 / SE 6a
    FUB KotL OSOS#12? UKRMMA#19 COSOC#10
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Mar 1, 2004
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