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Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by Vass, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Vass

    Vass Guest

    thats typical me that is, go all guns a blazing and not thinking it through,
    too heavy? yes I think you're right.
    I'll draw up some plans then. Might be a couple of weeks as I'm waiting on
    the slider pads
    to give me the dimensions. I have the 6 foot Aluminium extrusion already
    plus the belt and pulley.
    I'll give you a nod in 2 weeks time if I may?
    Oh, thanks for the comments on my flickr stream too :)
    Vass, Jun 9, 2011
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  2. Vass

    Jim Guest

    Ah, but a polypin of bright doesn't last as long, you have to drink it
    within 2-3 days.
    Jim, Jun 9, 2011
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  3. Vass

    davethedave Guest

    Arduino for motor control and shutter release?
    davethedave, Jun 9, 2011
  4. Vass

    Simon Wilson Guest

    I don't think the shutter release and motor control necessarily need to
    be linked together, I think the top end dslrs now have enough tricky
    menu options to be able to do the shutter release on their own. So a
    fairly basic stepper motor controller iwht. I'm sure you could do some
    cool things by varying the speed of the dolly as well.
    Simon Wilson, Jun 9, 2011
  5. Vass

    boots Guest

    I fail to see the problem actually.
    boots, Jun 9, 2011
  6. Vass

    Vass Guest

    ?"Simon Wilson" wrote in message
    the electronics they use allow for shutter speed, duration of travel, pause
    between shots etc etc
    My cable release can do all the clever shutter timings and speeds, thats
    what I'm using at the moment, just not the dolly control.
    DP are offering the MX2 controller in kit (withouht Arduino) for for $55 +
    I can get the Arduino in the UK for £ 21, so depending upon shipping I
    should easily beat their $225 price albeit without a box to go in.
    this is the option I'm going for so far.
    Vass, Jun 9, 2011
  7. Vass

    davethedave Guest

    Cheap as chips! Make sure we see the pics. :)
    davethedave, Jun 10, 2011
  8. Vass

    Vass Guest

    ?>"Pip" wrote in message
    Vass, Jun 13, 2011
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