Personal Accident plans

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by BGN, Oct 24, 2005.

  1. BGN

    BGN Guest

    The T&GWU just sent me a letter offering me Personal Accident
    insurance and although I'm not interested in their cover it has
    reminded me that I still haven't taken out any cover to provide an
    income should I be out of work relating to something like a motorcycle

    Does anyone have any experience of any decent or otherwise useful
    income protection insurance that is worth the money?
    BGN, Oct 24, 2005
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  2. BGN

    wessie Guest

    BGN emerged from their own little world to say
    As you are a permie, check to see what your employer includes as part of
    your job. The package I had at Xerox was quite generours:

    13 weeks sick leave at full pay (obviously needs to be certified)
    another 13 weeks at 50%
    early pension if declared "unfit for work"
    life insurance up to 6 times annual salary
    pension for dependants if I croak
    wessie, Oct 24, 2005
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  3. BGN

    dwb Guest

    As Wessie mentions, check what work gives you.

    When I was contracting I used to have a seperate one through Bupa, but since
    being permie there was no point (and the potential they cancel each other
    out - the wonderful world of insurance).

    Might mean you have to be part of the pension plan though.
    dwb, Oct 24, 2005
  4. BGN

    TOG Guest

    IMHO, all these "income protection" policies, whether relating to
    credit cards, loans, or anything else, are all expensive for what they
    offer. And they all seem to time out after a year, tops.

    I have also heard that in some cases, if you're receiving them and are
    on benefits, then they cut your benefits accordingly - I can't confirm
    this, though.

    I work on the basis that if something happens to me and I'm that badly
    injured, they'll be of bugger all help.

    I *do* have a hospital policy that pays me £50 (or something similar)
    a day while I'm in the horsh-pittle. Costs something like a fiver a
    month. I took it out when I was a despatch rider, 25 years ago, and
    have never had to use it. Now it's like a puncture kit - if I cancel
    it, I just *know* I'll find myself strapped up in bed.
    TOG, Oct 24, 2005
  5. BGN

    David Mahon Guest

    "[email protected] "
    Income protection comes in various shapes and sizes. I've got a policy
    that pays out £x per month after 6 months and another that pays £y per
    month after 12 months (my employer pays full for 6 then half for another
    6). It pays out if I can't do my job (even if I could do another) -
    though if I decided I wanted to do another, it would cut the payout. It
    pays out until I am aged 60. If I wanted the benefits stopping aged 55,
    the premium would have been less (similarly, 65 would have been more).
    As they stand to lose over a million quid, they did insist on a medical
    - which they paid for.
    David Mahon, Oct 25, 2005
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