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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Uncle Bully, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Uncle Bully

    Ron Beckett Guest

    "Bernd Felsche" wrote
    Perhaps the latter. I had a rear one blow on my Range Rover (1995 HSE - not
    the RR Classic with different suspension) at about 120kph. I didn't even
    know. I wondered what the nose was (I was in M4 traffic) and it wasn't until
    I saw the smoke in the rear vision mirror that I realised. When I stopped teh
    tyre was utterly shredded.

    Ron Beckett, Jul 7, 2003
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  2. Uncle Bully

    michael Guest

    on a slightly diff topic, but can one argue against a police officer say
    if he decides to pull you over because you've went over souble painted

    the situation is as follows, a 4wd (land cruiser) with a trailer slammed
    on its brakes to make a left hand turn. i swerved out of the way to
    avoid the trailer and in doing so i accidently went over double painted
    lines, mind you, the double painted lines just happened to be there at
    the intersection (and if it hadn't for the trailer i would have seen the
    lines). okay before people start accusing me of tail gating, our police
    officer was tailgating me in his red commodore, itching to pull me over
    (and from my first crash where i had a commodore hitting me from behind,
    i had no intention of repeating that incident, staring point blank at
    the commodore's bumper while sliding ain't a good experience). he
    allegged that awhile back he saw me overtaking some cars, but of course
    he didn't have his radar/laser gun on at the time (the cars were doing
    45 and i stuck to the 60 limit and the passes were on the right hand
    side of the cars - all perfectly legal). anyhow he ended up booking me
    for something else (rego). but had this stuck could i have been able to
    weaseled myself out?
    michael, Jul 8, 2003
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  3. Uncle Bully

    Frank Warner Guest

    ? Never droped your bike parking it ... stoped ... put foot down on a
    bananna peel ... into a deep pot hole etc... wot would you call that
    umm other than foolish :)
    Frank Warner, Jul 8, 2003
  4. Uncle Bully

    Mot Adv Guest

    The trees reduce the glare from headlights and Commodore SS front fog
    Mot Adv, Jul 8, 2003
  5. Uncle Bully

    Mot Adv Guest

    Crashes (and near misses) are typically multi-factoral in nature . . .
    * 1.

    i swerved out of the way to

    and in doing so i accidently went over double painted

    our police
    * You can overtake on the left IF there is more than one marked lane. The
    idea and 'contract' with the public at large is that you should endeavour to
    not be involved in any crash.

    * Your speed, according to you, was legal insofar as being within the
    posted speed limit, fine, but what of the 'manner' and was the 'speed
    dangerous' within the prevailing circumstances at point of operation? Think
    'abrupt lane changes', 'aggression', that sort of behaviour, one should aim
    to be 'tidy' in ones movements. (we are not discussion bowel movements

    Simply, in hindsight, would you still drive/ride the same way? No? if so
    then don't allow it to happen again I'd suggest.

    anyhow he ended up booking me
    If you mean your rego had expired, you should bear in mind that you will not
    have had medical cover for other persons you might 'damage'.

    but had this stuck could i have been able to

    Mot Adv, Jul 8, 2003
  6. Uncle Bully

    demannu Guest

    the govt allows you to buy 250kmh+ cars then lets you drive within 4kmh of
    an unsafe speed. (54kmh)
    demannu, Jul 8, 2003
  7. Steel toecaps take care of the latter. :)
    Bernd Felsche, Jul 8, 2003
  8. Rule of thumb.
    Cops tailgating know dam well what they're up to, and are in fact
    concentrating quite well.
    They have passed all tests I have applied to them in this matter.
    And believe me, I have done plenty of these tests.
    Bear in mind, though, I've applied these tests according to the road rules,
    and never simply booted the brakes without reasonable cause.
    Which is why none of the tailgating bastards have ever bitched about their
    set tasks.
    My favourites were always the CIB dickheads who were sooo tough they didn't
    need seatbelts. Some spectacular results on passengers in their cars have
    been achieved.
    They seem to have been told that seatbelts are provided for a purpose in
    the fast few years, which is a disappointment to me, for one.
    Toby Ponsenby, Jul 8, 2003
  9. Uncle Bully

    Nev.. Guest

    So we should only be allowed to drive on racetracks when it's raining?

    Nev.., Jul 8, 2003
  10. I say **** speed limits and leave fines for dangerous and drink driving as
    they are.

    Hmmm, How about defensive driving training - on the bloody road - where
    trainees can actually see stupid stuff being done on a minute by minute
    basis and have ti pointed out to them on the spot.
    Advanced driver training only works for people with natural co-ordination
    sufficient to be able to do it.
    There are millions out there that simply couldn't manage in any reasonable
    time frame, and a high proportion of those would never get the message, so
    why force the issue on them?
    Toby Ponsenby, Jul 8, 2003
  11. I guess you can be fool enough to figure you'll never be forced of the road
    somewhere near a tree or a utility pole.
    By all means post that again if you survive an encounter with one.
    Toby Ponsenby, Jul 8, 2003
  12. I agree with the on the road training. But I also believe you need both.
    When I did some driver training at Sandown about 10 years ago I realized 2
    things. 1. I knew **** all about driving even though I had been doing it
    since I was 12. 2. Everyone there knew **** all about driving and
    DRAMATICALLY improved over the course of a day. At the end of the day I
    think the course took about 8 hours and cost around $150. It has probably
    saved my ass over a dozen times. If made compulsory it would definitely
    mean less crashes on the roads. And that could only be a good thing.

    Fraser Johnston, Jul 8, 2003
  13. Uncle Bully

    Nev.. Guest

    I probably pass several hundreds of trees, power poles, bus stop shelters,
    guard rails, road signs, and other bits of roadside furniture in very close
    proximity to the road daily. I haven't hit any of them yet.
    I've never been forced off the road before, I have no reason to believe I'll
    be forced off the road in the future. If you find other drivers are trying to
    force you off the road into poles and trees, that's probably a not so subtle
    indication that your driving skills are crap. :)

    Nev.., Jul 8, 2003
  14. Uncle Bully

    Nev.. Guest

    I've had vehicles pull out in front of me occasionally but I've never felt the
    need to swerve off the road and into the shrubbery or tree or pole or whatever
    else was on the side of the road to avoid them. Your roadcraft may differ to
    It has nothing to do with the length of time time spent on the road. If
    you're concentrating on what is going on around you, nothing happens

    Nev.., Jul 8, 2003
  15. They are if you're a pedestrian who knows their place:)
    Toby Ponsenby, Jul 8, 2003
  16. Uncle Bully

    Jorgen Smith Guest

    MILLIONS of brainless people NOT GETTING their drivers licenses .... YAY! :)

    Jorgen Smith, Jul 8, 2003
  17. Uncle Bully

    Doug Cox Guest

    Falling is moving. Moving involves a certain amount of velocity.

    I've dropped the Pig twice with the disk lock on, once at PI on the grass,
    once while pushing it around the yard, once after failing to put the
    sidestand down properly. That's 5. : )

    Doug Cox.
    Work to ride, Ride to work...
    Doug Cox, Jul 8, 2003
  18. Uncle Bully

    Doug Cox Guest

    Easier to outrun than the coppers though... : )

    Doug Cox.
    Work to ride, Ride to work...
    Doug Cox, Jul 8, 2003
  19. Uncle Bully

    Stan Marsh Guest

    Only last week my mother hit a roo when she was travelling at approx 50k's

    Exactly! Someone hit a roo at work a few weeks ago. They were travelling
    down a wide road with good visability. The speed limit is 40km/h, and is
    enforced by MP's.
    Not sure of damage to the car, but the roo had to be put down.
    Shit happens no matter how fast you're going.
    Stan Marsh, Jul 8, 2003
  20. Uncle Bully

    Knobdoodle Guest

    But if they DO catch you you have to listen to two hours of how fast it was "back in my day".....
    (And woe-betide anyone on a Triumph.....)
    Knobdoodle, Jul 8, 2003
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