Plunger style valve keeper removal/installation tool

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Shaw, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Shaw

    Shaw Guest

    Has anyone used a plunger style valve keeper removal/installation tool on a
    DOHC motorcycle engine? Using the tool to remove the keepers is a snap
    (easier than that actually) but putting them back in doesn't seem to work as
    advertized. It seems to me that in order for the tool to work, the keepers
    have to slide, ever so slightly over the end of the valve before using the
    tool. On my bike, the spring sticks up so much that when the keepers are
    inserted into the retainer, and the retainer is placed on top of the spring,
    the keepers are above the top of the valve. No matter how much I push, the
    keepers aren't going to 'open up' and fit around the valve stem head before
    sliding along the valve to the retainer groove. Or am I not getting
    Shaw, Mar 20, 2010
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  2. Shaw

    Shaw Guest

    Hi Mark:

    Thanks for your note. I have tried it numerous times without success, but
    perhaps I wasn't giving it the old college try. I'm not sure I understand
    the theory of how the plunger works. If the end of the valve stem hits the
    clip(s) and pushes it(them) up, the tip on the plunger will retract somewhat
    to take up the now displaced clip(s) - while still pushing on the clip(s)
    laterally to force it(them) out to the inside of the retainer hole - is that
    Shaw, Mar 20, 2010
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