Provisional entitlement to ride 125cc motorcycle

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by freepo, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. freepo

    freepo Guest


    I passed my driving licence in 1988, and this allowed me at that time
    to ride upto 125cc bikes with L-plates.

    Then the CBT training came in I think in 1990.

    My licence says Provisional entitlement
    A ;
    C+CE, Valid from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/2014
    D+DE, Valid from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/2014

    The A is motorcycles over 50cc with no expiry date - subject to
    provisions set out in Motor Vehicle (Driving licences) Regulations,
    which at the time would have no doubt specified no greater than 125cc
    with some sort of KW (power) restriction aswell.

    When the CBT was introduced, the regulations would have changed, but
    do the changes apply retrospectively to licences held before the
    introduction of CBT?

    All I found was The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regulations

    Next Question:
    What do the rest of my provisionals stand for and why do 2 of them
    expire in 2014?

    freepo, Sep 26, 2010
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  2. freepo

    Mrcheerful Guest

    you have a provisional for a motorcycle up to 25kw as to the cbt etc I am
    out of touch

    c and d are forms of lorry and bus (and with trailer is the +)
    2014 is when you reach some critical age where you must be medically
    Mrcheerful, Sep 26, 2010
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  3. Unless they were full licences, yes. And if they were full licences, you
    wouldn't be worrying about CBT anyway.
    The Older Gentleman, Sep 26, 2010
  4. freepo

    Monty Guest

    I don't understand any of it. I passed my motorcycle test in 1989 and
    remember that I had to attend a short course. I recently took up biking
    again and only just realised that I have a full A license.

    I suspect that these days you have to take various tests according to
    which bike size you want to ride.
    Monty, Sep 26, 2010
  5. freepo

    johnmids2006 Guest

    I assume you have a car licence issued in 1988.

    If you want to ride a bike, then you must comply with the CBT
    requirements. The fact that you passed the car test before CBT was
    introduced does not exempt you from it.

    C and D relate to certain sizes of goods vehicles and buses. They are
    phasing in requirements relating to those and from 2014 there are
    requirements to be complied with in addition to holding the licence.
    Maybe the time limit is related to that. As above, it might also be
    related to your age.

    G is a road roller, and H a tracked vehicle.
    johnmids2006, Sep 26, 2010
  6. Sort of.

    You only need to take one actual motorcycle test to gain access to any
    motorcycle, though as you imply, there are a few different types. These
    are lesser ones, like a moped test (which is worthless) or a test on a
    fuly automatic bike which, like a car auto test, won't allow you to ride
    a geared bike and is therefore equally useless.
    The Older Gentleman, Sep 26, 2010
  7. Are there any auto bikes, beyond mopeds/scooters?
    Chris Bartram, Sep 26, 2010
  8. freepo

    Buzby Guest

    Oddly enough, yes.
    Buzby, Sep 26, 2010
  9. freepo

    wessie Guest

    Yes. Aprilai Mana came out in 2008 using a CVT. Honda has one for the
    new VFR1200.

    They've been around for yonks. I took my test in 1992 and the examiner
    was using an automatic CB400.
    wessie, Sep 26, 2010
  10. freepo

    M.Badger Guest

    If you take your test on an automatic 125, you'll get a 33hp limited
    licence. You could get an FJR1300 auto or an Aprilia Mana and restrict
    them to 33hp.

    If you took your test on a Honda Silverwing superscoot, you'd not need
    the restrictor.

    In the classic market, there were a couple of attempts from Honda and
    the Moto Guzzi Convert.
    M.Badger, Sep 26, 2010
  11. freepo

    Big Les Wade Guest

    Can you recommend a site that gives chapter and verse in simple terms?
    Big Les Wade, Sep 26, 2010
  12. freepo

    Monty Guest

    So what is the difference between an A and an A+ license?
    Monty, Sep 26, 2010
  13. freepo

    ogden Guest

    Not quite. You can get a provisional licence just by applying for one,
    but you can't ride on the road with one without having first done CBT.

    Provisional licence + CBT certificate = enough to ride as a learner.
    ogden, Sep 26, 2010
  14. freepo

    wessie Guest

    wessie, Sep 26, 2010
  15. freepo

    Mrcheerful Guest

    but you then have to take your test within two years IIRC
    Mrcheerful, Sep 26, 2010
  16. freepo

    ogden Guest

    Not quite. The CBT certificate expires after two years. So you either do
    your test or do a CBT refresher.
    ogden, Sep 26, 2010
  17. freepo

    wessie Guest

    or retake the CBT: quite a few people do this according to anecdotal
    evidence from a mate that worked for MOTAG
    wessie, Sep 26, 2010
  18. freepo

    Beav Guest

    Aprilia Mana and 850cc blob of thing and then there's that wonderful object
    known as the Honda DN-01. Just two can think of off the top of my yed. Of
    course, there's also the "Maxi" scooters (250cc and over) that are twist and
    go if they're your thing.
    Beav, Sep 26, 2010
  19. freepo

    Beav Guest

    Beav, Sep 26, 2010
  20. freepo

    Mrcheerful Guest

    means you can tow a trailer
    Mrcheerful, Sep 26, 2010
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