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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by Paul B, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Paul B

    Paul B Guest

    A great race, especially for Casey Stoner, first win in the premier class on
    a new bike and new team, he deserved the win too, sure his bike was
    blistering fast on the main straight (to say the least) but he held it
    through the twisty bits too and was always close enough to blast past Rossi
    on the occasions Rossi led him into the home straight. He rode a faultless
    race and the last lap was his fastest, great ride!!

    Rossi was great too, put pressure on Stoner trying force an error but Stoner
    held firm and even Rossi's immense ability couldn't overcome the Yam's speed
    deficit although he did break Pedrosa despite the Honda's speed advantage on
    the straight.

    Hopkins was an inspiration too, very sore left hand but he still hassled
    Pedrosa all the way to the flag.

    Good to see 4 different manufacturers 1st - 4th too, 2 on Michilens 2 on

    What happened to Edwards???? Bad start then he just went back back, back, I
    was hoping this was going to be his race but he never even featured.

    I'm looking forward to race 2, it will be interesting to see if Stoner can
    maintain his pace and if a hopefully fully fit Hopkins can get that Suz on
    the podium, here's hoping.

    Paul B, Mar 10, 2007
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  2. Paul B

    pablo Guest

    Yeah, Stoner and the Ducati left the rest standing like stone statues...

    The top speed clearly counted for a lot given the finishing line is after a
    loooong straight.

    Stoner, Rossi, pedrosa dn Hopkins were the only ones truly able to keep the
    pace. After a while, though, it became apparent this would be only between
    Stoner and Rossi, and the way Stoner started to downright humiliate the
    Yamaha on that straight it became clear that Stoner was bidding his time,
    with a very significant ace up his sleeve. And so they settled.

    Pedrosa a respectable third after a somewhat embarassing fall in the warmup.

    Then Hopkins, it seems a podium is now just a matter of time, finally!

    Capirossi, on the other side of the Ducati garage, falls off ad truly starts
    the season poorly: with a younger, new teammate utterly stealing the show,
    and him coming out pointless.

    Edwards characeristically fades after a promising q. I know the theory is
    that he's only there to help Rossi set up the bike. Not to be in the

    Further back, Hayden, his worst result in a while.

    But heck, it's still 17 races ahead of us...
    pablo, Mar 11, 2007
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  3. Paul B

    Gifted Guest

    Hmm, Ducati once had the start finish line put back to the exit corner of
    their home track to suit the mid range torque of the old Ducati's, wonder if
    they will change it again to suit this new high end screamer they have :)

    If it were that track today, Valentino would have probably won.
    Gifted, Mar 11, 2007
  4. Paul B

    Gifted Guest

    Yup, watched the race on BBC2 and they showed brake and throttle graphics
    (as well as lean angles now!) and you can see Rossi was braking more
    efficiently time after time, not just braking later, but getting on the
    throttle quicker and getting that all important corner speed to keep up near
    the front for full race distance.
    Gifted, Mar 11, 2007
  5. Paul B

    James Harvey Guest

    I saw the ESPN version, sounds like it was the same footage. I don't
    know how useful comparing the graphics in the broadcasts is. Stoner's
    "brakes" bar kept going up to 100%, and Rossi's never got over about a
    third during the time they showed the two together.

    Also, the tilt sensor is a neat idea but it was out of sync with the
    James Harvey, Mar 11, 2007
  6. ????

    Stoner finished over a second ahead.

    Bruce Hartweg, Mar 14, 2007
  7. Paul B

    T3 Guest

    With the top speed advantage Stoner had Rossi's only real hope was for Casey
    to wad it and given his last years record it was a 50/50 deal, the only
    problem was, he didn't...
    T3, Mar 14, 2007
  8. Paul B

    AUS Guest


    Normal transmission has been returned.

    Hayden IS the luckiest current rider and "champion" in the field,
    though Roberts *might* give him a run for the money. The way Yamaha
    lost the W/C last year says it all, WHEN will Hayden step up and race
    for a win on a regular basis?

    Even his ungreatful employer have no faith in him

    PS - Its a pity he seems one of the nicest guys racing, but this class
    is beyond him

    AUS, Mar 15, 2007
  9. Paul B

    Tex Guest

    Why, did Rossi choke and crash again?
    No, Rossi lost it when he choked under pressure and binned it
    Except he beat everyone, including rossi, last year. The others must be
    pretty shit if they get beaten by a "lucky" rider like Hayden
    Tex, Mar 15, 2007
  10. Paul B

    AUS Guest

    No Mark, he came 2nd, please try to keep up! :)

    Frankly the Championship should have been done by then, Yamaha engine
    failures cost him 60 points, he lost by 10 or something.

    Of more concern M1 has low output, a bit more stress and heat and that
    exact problem may be back to spook Vale this year.

    I think even Nicky wouldnt call that *beating* Rossi, compare the wins
    and history head to head, esp. when they where team mates


    AUS, Mar 15, 2007
  11. Paul B

    Tex Guest

    My name isn't "Mark", dingus.
    Conveniently ignores Hayden's clutch problems, and getting take out by
    Yes he would, and has, because he beat him. That's why he's a the champion
    and Rossi isn't
    Compare the points for the 2006 title: Hayden wins, Rossi chokes and loses.
    Tex, Mar 18, 2007
  12. Paul B

    AUS Guest

    My name isn't "Mark", dingus.

    Ok Mr.Hall :)
    AUS, Mar 18, 2007
  13. Paul B

    Tex Guest

    WTF are you talking about?
    Tex, Mar 18, 2007
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