R65 bargain on eBay

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by Hog, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. Hog

    Hog Guest

    Hog, Nov 20, 2003
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  2. Hog

    Gyp Guest

    Gyp, Nov 20, 2003
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  3. The Older Gentleman, Nov 20, 2003
  4. hmmm.

    1500 notes currently, with 2-and-a-bit days to go.

    Austin Shackles. www.ddol-las.fsnet.co.uk my opinions are just that
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    Austin Shackles, Nov 20, 2003
  5. Hog

    Hog Guest

    Oh I quite like the mono R65 but with a K&N conversion (model specific) they
    return 50-55mpg and it perks them up. At 7100 miles £1500 would be pretty
    sweet. 6 years commuting at least.
    Vetter made a lovely little 1/2 fairing for them, probably unobtanium now.
    Hog, Nov 20, 2003
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