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    This morning I discussed the Red River Incident with one of the Sons of
    Liberty members.. For those who are not familiar.. Sons of Liberty is an
    elite group of Bikers from around the nation.. Many of the brothers who
    include our TMRA II chairman as well as District Advisors are distinguished
    amongst Sons of Liberty..

    This tragedy occurred in May, almost one year ago in New Mexico.. The Riders
    who were killed were participating in the Red River Rally in Taos county,
    New Mexico.. Both were visiting with about 2,000 brothers and sisters from
    their home state of Colorado, to participate in that rally.. Although one
    was pronounced dead at the scene, the other was transported to an area
    hospital where he remained on life support for two or three days..

    They were not the only victims of this tragic and needless crash, the two
    women who rode behind them have spent months on end in recovery from their
    own injuries.. Although one of those women suffered the loss of her leg,
    both have survived..

    The research has provided little or no participation by ABATE, NM.. the
    Colorado ABATE groups have appealed to Gov. Bill Richardson to intervene,
    when it appeared certain that the District Attorney in the jurisdiction was
    going to close the case, without so much as a citation to the boy who ran
    over these Bikers.. has a pretty thorough description
    of what actually happened.. along with pictures..

    There has been some lip service from one of the supposed usenet leaders of
    ABATE, NM . His reports of the tragedy has been limited to posting links to
    newspaper articles reporting on it.. There is no record of any participation
    of the ABATE, NM Chapter that he claims to be affiliated with.. ABATE, of
    Colorado appears to be the only active protestor of the injustice and cold
    blooded murder that took place that day..

    The boy that perpetrated the tragedy was a local from the area and reported
    his family is a long time friend and supporter of the District Attorney in
    that jurisdiction..

    Surprisingly.. the action or lack of action by ABATE, NM , is contrary to
    everything that I know about ABATE.. In Texas, ABATE and it's people have
    supported Bikers Rights without reservation.. Their leaders have
    participated in any cause that affected any of us riding motorcycles, in our

    After a years time has passed, this tragedy is becoming a nationwide concern
    for many of the advocacy groups around the country .. That seems to be too
    little and too late.. I applaud the efforts of ABATE of Colorado to seek
    justice for the brothers and sisters who were the victims in this tragedy..
    I condemn the newsgroup leaders of the local ABATE Chapters in New Mexico
    for their lack of action in petitioning their legislators and the
    appropriate authorities in New Mexico. Santa Fe cannot be more than a 2 hour
    ride/drive from anywhere in the state.. It is time for those leaders of
    advocacy groups to get off usenet and take action..

    Bill Walker
    Irving, Tx.
    Bill Walker, May 2, 2005
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