Red light cameras are bad, mkay ...

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by sanbar, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. sanbar

    sanbar Guest

    This is from an October 4 Cato dispatch. Cato is a US-based *cough*
    right-wing *cough* public policy research group, but politics aside,
    it's an interesting read.
    - sanbar


    "[Washington, DC's] red-light cameras have generated more than 500,000
    violations and $32 million in fines over the past six years. But a[n]
    of crash statistics shows that the number of accidents has gone up at
    intersections with the cameras," the Washington Post reports.

    "Three outside traffic specialists independently reviewed the data and
    said they were surprised by the results. Their conclusion: The cameras
    do not
    appear to be making any difference in preventing injuries or collisions.
    'The data are very clear,' said Dick Raub, a traffic consultant and a
    former senior researcher at Northwestern University's Center for Public
    Safety. 'They are not performing any better than intersections without

    In "Drivers' Rights Abused in a Flash,"
    ) Radley Balko, a Cato
    policy analyst, argues that red-light cameras should be about safety,
    but "f they are punitive, the measures should give motorists due process;
    and there should be minimal potential for abuse." Balko writes, "[T]he
    most troubling thing about traffic cameras is the way city governments grow
    dependent on the revenue they generate. Bethesda, MD was caught
    shortening a yellow light at the city's most lucrative red-light camera,
    in an effort
    to squeeze more cash out of its motorists. When tickets dropped off from
    existing speed cameras in Washington, the City Council simply installed
    more, and raised the fines. Sacramento now charges motorists $351 for a
    single red-light violation."
    sanbar, Oct 10, 2005
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