Retarded engine swap idea...Ninja 250 motor in Rebel 250? Possible?

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by squidsthebest, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. I haven't actually measured the engines to see if it would even be
    possible to fit an EX250 motor in a rebel 250, but it seems like the
    radiator and related stuff could be mounted on the rebel frame with a
    minimum of hassle, and getting the front and rear sprockets to line up
    should theoretically be doable, and I'm already thinking about how to
    adapt the controls...Has anyone already researched and shot down this
    idea? Or, conversely, know if it would be possible and have any
    suggestions? I like the idea of the tiny little cruiser that can
    actually go fast, . Plus, I'm over 6'1, so I'd look like a clown on a
    tricycle on it, which would be pretty awesome. Thanks!
    squidsthebest, Mar 17, 2008
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  2. squidsthebest

    . Guest

    Take two aspirins and masterbate. If irrational delusions persist in
    the morning, buy a Chinese or Korean cruiser and plot a strategy to
    get it registered.
    ., Mar 17, 2008
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  3. Who on earth bother? And then there'd be the matter of plumbing in the
    ignition module, and a zillion other things. Forget it.
    The Older Gentleman, Mar 17, 2008
  4. squidsthebest

    JS Guest

    Get a 454LTD, fast and clown all in one.
    JS, Mar 17, 2008
  5. squidsthebest

    Mark Olson Guest

    All kidding aside that is a decent bike, half a Ninja 900 engine,
    with belt drive. IMHO its descendant the Vulcan 500 is even better.

    There does seem to be a certain type of hobbyist for whom stuffing
    inappropriate engines into even more inappropriate frames is as
    good as it gets.
    Mark Olson, Mar 17, 2008
  6. squidsthebest

    JS Guest

    True. I love my 454LTD, I have to sell it though. Too many bikes.
    About as close to a cruiser as I want to get, but it is a great bike.
    Anyone near Tallahassee interested in buying a low mileage 1990 model
    JS, Mar 17, 2008
  7. squidsthebest

    Forkbeard Guest

    Hey now, 36 HP vs 18 for the rebel, that's double, good sir. I must
    say, though, I never knew there was an eliminator 250. I've never
    actually seen one. Rebel 250s are everywhere, and ninja 250s are just
    as common, and I like the idea of picking up a cheap rebel and a
    crashed ex250 and making a wacky frankenbike for $2000. Plus, de-
    badging it and watching people try to figure out what the **** it is
    would be entertaining as well.
    Forkbeard, Mar 18, 2008
  8. squidsthebest

    Forkbeard Guest

    Awesome. Anyway, the ninja motor could potentially get me far more HP
    than the rebel just because it's actually possible to find performance
    parts for the ninja. Also, I don't need a ninja 500...I already have a
    v45 Sabre and a kz650, I've got "cheap sport bike" pretty well
    covered. This was inspired by me recently seeing a rebel with a blown
    motor for $400 and a beat-up ninja 250 stuntbike with no title for
    $300. I know that those kinds of deals don't come around that often,
    but $700 plus some work for a zippy little goofball cruiser that's
    very unique seems like not a half-bad deal. If I can find deals like
    that again, I may just go for it.
    Forkbeard, Mar 18, 2008
  9. squidsthebest

    Forkbeard Guest

    I understand, but they way I see it is this...they are both the same
    size engine in the same format, with similar dimensions, so center of
    gravity will change less than it would with, say, a fat guy riding it.
    The top speed of a rebel 250 is around 80. Well, the ninja 250 I rode
    topped out at about 92, so I don't think there's a huge chance of
    increased wobble. The exhaust will be something to figure out,
    because I don't want a sportbike exhaust on it, so I'd probably have
    to re-jet if I can actually wrangle the rebel exhaust onto it, or
    figure something else out. I know the rebel brakes aren't impressive,
    but the idea isn't to have a canyon-carver, so it shouldn't be a huge
    issue. Anyway, I figured that my first engine swap project SHOULD be
    something like this, where everything is low-powered enough that if
    something goes wrong, the bike isn't going to tear itself apart and
    make me hamburger. It's all theoretical at this point anyway. The
    earliest I could consider getting into something like this is 3 or 4
    months down the road. I do appreciate the input.
    Forkbeard, Mar 19, 2008
  10. squidsthebest

    Ben Kaufman Guest

    Have you ever looked at the brakes on a Rebel? You don't want to go faster.


    Ben Kaufman, Dec 25, 2008
  11. squidsthebest

    frijoli Guest

    Buy a 450 Rebel or better yet get a bigger bike.
    Anything CAN be done with time and or money and skills. Ever watched
    junkyard wars?

    That's what you're talking about here.

    frijoli, Dec 25, 2008
  12. squidsthebest

    . Guest

    On Dec 25, 10:16�am, Ben Kaufman <spaXm-mXe-anXd-paXy-5000-
    Why re-open a thread that was finished last March? Do you really think
    that the OP is still interested in this mental masturbation?
    ., Dec 25, 2008
  13. Wtf are you doing, replying to a post that's more than nine months old?
    The Older Gentleman, Dec 26, 2008
  14. squidsthebest

    Ben Kaufman Guest

    My news reader or NNTP server had a hiccup and brought in a bunch of old stuff,
    which I didn't notice the OP date on until it was too late.

    Ben Kaufman, Dec 30, 2008
  15. Ah! Carry on, that man.
    The Older Gentleman, Dec 30, 2008
  16. That's interesting. I came back after the holidays and found
    my mailbox stuffed with thousands of messages, some several
    years old. Also, all of my recent mail appeared in triplicate.

    Clear signs of admin troll pranks over the holidays.
    Rob Kleinschmidt, Dec 31, 2008
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