Discussion in 'New Bikers' started by hathersage, Aug 3, 2022.

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    Aug 3, 2022
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    Hi everyone, Not new to bikes but after all these years I may as well be, my first solo bike was a Norton Model 18. single cyl 500cc, it was so old it did not have to qualify for a speedometer , that was back in 1962 ! Having been retired for a good number of years and also now a widower time falls heavily on your hands. I thought I may go back to having one just as a hobby although the wife was against it at the time .
    After she died I gave it another 18 months of thought and then went ahead and bought what I had always cherished, any historic make ( Norton, Triumph, Matchless, Ariel etc),I finally selected a 1961 fully restored Norton Dominator 99.
    It is surprising how much of the basics you forget after all those years, so I am taking a familiarization course at a school first, and if not successful I will be forced to sell it, but still remember the comradery of the biking days.
    hathersage, Aug 3, 2022
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