right time and right place ?

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by J5, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. J5

    J5 Guest

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  2. J5

    GB Guest

    Nah. 'Right' would have been if the doors were open.

    GB, Oct 3, 2005
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  3. J5

    Peter Wyzl Guest

    Peter Wyzl, Oct 3, 2005
  4. Iain Chalmers, Oct 4, 2005
  5. J5

    Nev.. Guest

    From the damage I'd say the ambulance reversed into the bike.

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Oct 4, 2005
  6. J5

    Sprint Guest

    The bike must have been under remote control - no damage to van rear panels
    where the rider would have hit...

    Sprint :)
    Sprint, Oct 4, 2005
  7. J5

    Moike Guest

    That would explain the lack of dents in the back door of the ambulance.

    Moike, Oct 4, 2005
  8. J5

    Moike Guest

    A CBR 250 covered in fake fur IIRC, but I don't recall his name. It was
    the same toy run where someone had a Hyabusa done up with CB250 stickers.
    '98 or '99?

    Moike, Oct 4, 2005
  9. J5

    Smee R1100s Guest

    That was a bloke called Jimbo.
    Happened right in front of me.
    One minute he was riding the bike the next he was sliding on the tram
    track, lost it and collected a St. John's ambulance.
    Smee R1100s, Oct 4, 2005
  10. J5

    Smee R1100s Guest

    98 and it was a vfr400 done up in fur by Jimbo.
    Smee R1100s, Oct 4, 2005
  11. J5

    Nev.. Guest

    See the discrimination riders face... people always assume they are at

    '03 ZX12R
    Nev.., Oct 4, 2005
  12. J5

    Moike Guest

    For me, that's pretty close! Their both Japanese, and both Hondas!
    (they all look the same to me, but I could have sworn it had the pair of
    round taillights that I *thought* were a CBR thing. The likelihood of
    me incorrectly identifying a Japanese bike approaches unity.)
    Moike, Oct 4, 2005
  13. J5

    Smee R1100s Guest

    that's right:)
    He hit the drivers side door from memory.
    Smee R1100s, Oct 4, 2005
  14. J5

    Bill_h Guest

    Where were the undies?

    Bill_h, Oct 4, 2005
  15. J5

    Cupid Guest

    I'm fairly sure Photoshop can do colours but not dents, hence none in
    the rear doors of the ambo.
    Cupid, Oct 4, 2005
  16. J5

    Dale Porter Guest

    Yup. Happened in front of me too. We could all see it coming as well. That guy was a nutjob. In amongst a group, he was deliberately
    getting the rear wheel into gutters full of leaves so he could spin it up out of corners, and was using people in front of him at
    lights to act as a brake so he could do burnouts.

    So of course when he continued his antics when on tram tracks the bike spat him off and it slid into the St John's car. The bike
    actually hit it twice as it was spinning on it's side.
    Dale Porter, Oct 6, 2005
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