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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Marty H, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. Marty H

    Marty H Guest

    we threw Sasha a little suprise birthday party on Wedsnight, she
    thought I had forgotten her birthday and gone and played pool, she was
    on top of the moon after the party after a very down day. We even got
    her a winnie the pooh cake.

    she is improving, even though it is slowly, she can walk short
    distances on crutches and its starting to walk unaided in the pool. She
    still is in alot of pain and her sciatic nerve in her left leg is
    playing up still. It will be at least 12 months before she gets back on
    a bike, maybe longer

    if you want to read what she had done
    she had both the BAK cage fusion and the Pedicle Screws

    it looks a lot like this except on the bottom 3 Vertibrae and is all

    she would still love calls and visitiors,
    she will in there for at least a week to 3

    St John of God Nepean Rehabilitation Hospital
    255-265 Cranbourne Road
    Victoria 3199

    in the Glenora Ward Rm 14 Bed A
    ph 9788 3250
    visiting hours 2pm-8pm


    she is one tough cookie

    remember, Saturday 16th Sept BBQ in Frankston at 1pm (GP sat)

    Marty H, Aug 25, 2006
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  2. Marty H

    Kevin(Bluey) Guest

    Glad to hear she is improving ,pass on my best wishes to her.
    Kevin(Bluey), Aug 26, 2006
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  3. Marty H

    Marty H Guest

    Sasha has left Hosp..

    'big thankyou to all that have visited and rang
    She is now at her Mum's in Frankston and will be by herself a fair bit
    so visitors are more than welcomed, email me for details (martyh AT
    iprimus dot com dot au ) or ring her on her mobile

    She is doing well. the pain is still intense but she can move around a

    Marty H, Aug 31, 2006
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