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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by louie, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. louie

    louie Guest

    31° ain't hibernating weather to Big Ed.

    I met up with the Big1 and RedShad at the Ihop where they had eaten fat.

    If Big Ed ever isn't Big and needs a new name; it could easily be Wrong Ed,
    specifically but not limited to Wrong Lane Ed. You may not know why I said
    that, but I know why I said that.

    Before leaving the Ihop we concurred all were fine with fuel level for
    awhile. We got up on the I20 heading over to Big D (no relation) to do some
    motorcycle shopping. About the time we got shifted into #5 gear good, Big Ed
    whizzed alongside and signaled he needed fuel. We found a place that took
    credit cards. Although the pumps were several years old the credit card
    slots still looked new, it was a nice area of town.

    Over in Big D We stopped at a couple of independent M/C stores, talked big,
    and put on a good show but didn't buy one thing.

    Pender, who has a nice Harley motorcycle with some custom exhausts and a
    real nice mixed set of wheels, was to meet us at Sanger, instead of the
    obvious, which would be Ponder. Later we did go to Ponder, but with Pender,
    after fueling again in Krum. So let me say this, at Sanger there were four
    of us, and from there we traveled a lot of miles on Dirt roads to get to the
    proposed eating place in Greenwood. Had some really large, and good burgers.
    Nice ride with the boys, you could meet nicer guys, but sometimes don't.
    Everyone took pictures but I'm the only one that knows how to get the
    pictures out of the camera (Pender calls it a lockbox) - here are a few

    louie, Feb 1, 2009
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  2. What, no low-water crossings? I've heard of back roads but y'all take
    it it serious.
    Don't ever gripe about my driveway again. At least Joe grades it and
    takes out the bumps, plus there's no cow pies to dodge.
    Westexas Rider, Feb 1, 2009
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  3. louie

    louie Guest

    What, no low-water crossings? I've heard of back roads but y'all take
    it it serious.
    Don't ever gripe about my driveway again. At least Joe grades it and
    takes out the bumps, plus there's no cow pies to dodge.

    Of course there was water.

    At Drop, Big Ed and Pender u'turned towards the Dallas County Carnival
    (ongoing). RedShad and I followed my GPS which was guessing we were in a
    Hummer. Between Drop and Rhome, in the area of the cow pics, we did have to
    cross a shallow, rocky bottomed creek w/6" of cool running water. Account
    the steep, rough, and rocky banks we weren't able to stop and take pics, but
    we definitely did have to ford....rather wing a creek. It's good Pender and
    Big Ed didn't have to see that. Pender has fishtail exhaust tips, but I
    think they are more for show.

    The dirt roads in that area are actually better than the paved, which the
    big trucks associated with the area gas drilling have mashed silly. The dirt
    road may have been better than your drive, but I ain't griping, and
    hopefully it doesn't show up on my GPS and the ''best route''.

    Big Ed is a cow patty man. RedShad picked up some fresh made pies for him. I
    told him to get dried ones, but he sez he can haul more in his saddlebags
    when they're fresh. Plus it helps him find where he parked at Sam's club.

    Yesterday was IWWWO day to many, as I counted over 1800 bikes out running.

    louie, Feb 1, 2009
  4. louie

    bj_kana Guest

    ==good pics, several good versions of yawls ride today, funny words
    and phrases, the fueling tale, yes the pic with Red,Ed, and Doc, did
    look a little weary, I guess from riding the literal ''trails''
    cowboy riding......thanx for the laughs........atleast from you and
    pender.....Now....we all wating for two more versions, from the
    Skipper, and BigEd.
    bj_kana, Feb 1, 2009
  5. Well, as long as no one tried to pretend they were in a submersible, I
    supposed that's ok.
    Wait a minute... My driveway is a darn sight better than the county
    road. At least our drive is packed down good, almost like asphalt.
    The road however, gets drug around seems like every week. All they do
    is loosen up the gravel and fill the potholes with it. Go tooling
    down the CR on a moto and you feel like you're rolling as much
    sideways as forward. I can say in all certainty, that it's a
    thrilling ride. Everyone should try it... at least once. ;)
    It's hard to throw fresh patties. Dry ones make the best Frisbees.

    Quite a few out today too. I just got back from Breckenridge. Our
    monthly Tex Vets meeting was today. Then since I was there, we went
    out to our place to do some work. Joe and I cleared off the area
    where the new house will sit. I'm getting anxious.
    Westexas Rider, Feb 2, 2009
  6. louie

    bj_kana Guest

    We might never know. JayT
    bj_kana, Feb 2, 2009
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