Scooters, etc repaired, upgraded, serviced: pickup & delivery availablein SF area

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Dave G, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Dave G

    Dave G Guest

    Dave's Custom Scooters and motorcycle repair.
    Decades of experience, reasonable prices.
    Dave Greene, formerly of Grand Lake Scooters, will custom design and build the
    electric or gasoline scooter you want for a reasonable price.
    He can also modify and/or upgrade your current GoPed, BladeZ, Cobra, as well as
    bikes imported from China.

    He's also happy to do repairs or service on your scooter, moped, pocket bike,
    motorized bicycle, go-kart or motorcycle (Aprilia, eGo, Kymco, Piaggio, Vespa,
    Garelli, Puch, Morini, Tomos, Motobecane, Trac, plus all the 'big' bikes,
    off-road as well as on-road), for a price you'll like. He's set up to do almost
    any work you need, including welding.

    Call 510-812-8729
    Pickup and/or delivery available for a reasonable fee.

    Based in the SF (East) Bay Area, CA (near Berkeley in North Oakland, by Ashby BART).

    Webpage with photos at:
    Dave G, Dec 31, 2005
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  2. And just how many times are you going to post this blatant
    advertisement for YOUR company?
    Dennis Lee Bieber, Jan 1, 2006
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  3. Dave G

    Mark Wilden Guest

    What do you think?

    Just ignore it.

    Mark Wilden, Jan 1, 2006
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