Second test ride of Guzzi V7, this time with Angie on board.(Warning,motorcycle content!)

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by CrazyCam, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Hi folks.

    Dunno if any of you remember, but I took a test ride some time ago, on a
    Guzzi V7.

    At the time, I was very underwhelmed by the bike.

    Despite its prettiness (to my eyes,anyway) it really didn't go
    particularly well.

    OK, I know it isn't claimed to be a sports bike, with only 35 Kw from
    750 cc but....

    Anyhow, various folk that know about these things (Guzzis) suggested
    that I should try another one. The one I had tried was very new, with
    only a couple of hundred kilometers on the clock.

    So, when I heard of the Guzzi and Aprilia fleet being at Castle Hill for
    demo rides, I booked to go, with Angie, and try again on the V7.

    Since Angie was part of the plan, it meant that I had to ride the BMW
    over to Castle Hill, so I wasn't getting off a sport Street Triple,
    expecting brilliant power.

    So, off we went. I did all the sign away of life, and also arranged that
    Angie and I wouldn't ride with the pack of demo folk, but we could take
    our own roads. Out of Castle Hill, for only a 45 minute ride, you
    don't have a lot of decent roads to play on anyway.

    Before she got on, Angie did remark on how nice the bike looked... "just
    like a proper motorbike" were her words.

    Obviously, the first few metres are taken up getting a feel of how and
    where the brakes, clutch and gearshift are....OK, it wasn't exactly how
    I'd want them adjusted but, I can adjust to them.

    Immediately, the biggest surprise was how noisy the bike was. So much
    so, that I thought it had been fitted with some after market mufflers.

    Brakes felt brilliant, no worries.

    Steering felt nice too, again, no worries.

    But, the engine felt rough.

    I played about, thinking that maybe at some magic number of revs, it
    might start feeling a bit smoother, but, up to 5 grand, I didn't find
    any smoothness. :-|

    Meantime, Angie was having less of a good time on the back.

    She is used to having something behind her back, like a Ventura rack,
    and the completely naked V7 didn't have anything there, so she felt a
    bit likely to fall off the back. (She didn't know how little power we
    had available!)

    We pottered up to Dural and back, maybe 20 or 25 minutes, then returned
    the bike.

    At this point Angie was complaining of a numb bum.

    So, it looks unlikely that the Mansons are about to buy a V7.

    As far as Angie was concerned, the only gain over the old R850R was that
    she didn't have to climb as high to get onto the thing.

    Once on, she reckons that the Bimmer is much more comfortable, and has,
    fairly obviously, more room for her to move about.

    I, also, couldn't find any pressing reasons to dispose of the BM for a V7.

    Yes, according to the specs, the V7 is much lighter, but nothing else
    seems to be in the same league as the R850R.

    The most annoying thing to me is that the V7 looks so good, and, given
    modern technology, should be so much better than it is.

    If it were a ten grand bike, then perhaps its shortcomings would be less
    noticeable, but, at 15 it's fairly expensive thing that looks beautiful.

    CrazyCam, Aug 29, 2010
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  2. Looks are in the eye of the beholder, yadda yadda yadda, but could you
    see yourselves on a Bonnie instead? Cheaper, more powerful, better
    handling, sounds better, and to my old fashioned eye, looks better too?

    Or a Sprint ST, which is the same price as the Guzzi, but way better in
    every single respect, and much more comfortable for a pillion?
    Andrew McKenna, Aug 29, 2010
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  3. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Yeah, Andrew, the Bonnie is also a very pretty bike.

    I've ridden a couple of them in the last couple of years, the last of
    the carbie ones and a 2009 fuel injected model.

    Both had lovely engines, with, as you say, heaps more power than the wee

    My main problem with the Bonnie is that it is surprisingly heavy for its

    I'm still thinking about a Bonnie and might try and organise a test
    ride, with Angie, on one, to see what she thinks of it.

    I guess one trouble is that the R850R is such a nice bike to ride that
    it isn't easy to find something else which does everything as well as it

    When I got the BM, the short list was Guzzi Nevada, Bonnie or
    R850/1100R, which ever appeared first at a sensible price.

    I'm not keen on faired bikes.

    Having said that, I had a ride on a 955, which may, or may not, have
    been a Sprint, and it was a really nice machine, just not right for me.

    BTW, I suppose I should explain a bit more about this quest.

    It's a sort of forward planning thing, to see if I can find a motorcycle
    which would fulfill, at least to some extent, all of my needs for a
    bike, all in the one package.

    I know that I'll not get everything I want in one bike, but I am trying
    to see what might be acceptable, if I were to go down to only having one

    This is why I am looking at the retro-style bikes rather than the modern
    machines which all seem to have become too specialised, one way or another.

    CrazyCam, Aug 29, 2010
  4. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    I guess you are right there, Gerry.

    Even a newer model BM doesn't really fit as nicely as mine, and, if I
    look on the positive side, an old R850R, with panniers and big touring
    windscreen really is a proper "Old Fart's" bike, so you have to be
    fairly outrageous to get picked on my the cops. :)

    Sad really, when comfort wins out over style. <sob>

    CrazyCam, Aug 30, 2010
  5. I hear that there's still four brand new Desmosedici's for sale in Aust at a
    bargin price of less than $90K drive away. Down from approx $110K.

    Go on ditch the pillion and Live a little.

    At least till the warrantee expires and you've got to pay for the services
    or you loose your license or you crash at an exereamly high speed or

    Capt. A. L.
    Capt About Lunchtime, Aug 30, 2010
  6. CrazyCam

    Jeff R. Guest

    May I seek your opinion on this topic?

    I have an '08 Bonnie, and am very happy with it --except that I feel there
    is excessive backlash (is that the right word?) in the drive train...
    ....such that one has to be very gentle applying the throttle from zero -
    or - slip the clutch a lot, or it'll *clunk* in a most unattractive fashion.
    Almost makes me wish I had shaft drive.

    My chain is snicked up reasonably tight (well within specs).

    Am I being unreasonable in wanting less "sensitivity" to the throttle
    (between closed and about 20%)?

    Everything else - bee-yoo-ti-ful. Slick, positive gear changes, sensitive
    yet fierce brakes -- the works. :)

    Oh - and a seat like a park bench, but that's down to my personal mass

    Jeff R., Aug 30, 2010
  7. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Sure can.
    (Mark you, it is worth exactly what you paid for it! ;-))
    Is the 08 fuel injection or carbies?

    If it is fuel injection, then, as I noticed on the Bonnie I rode, the
    throttle is _very_ sensitive at low settings.

    This seems to be a Triumph trait, perhaps? The Street Triple also has a
    "hair trigger" throttle, but I have got used to it, so it didn't put me
    off the later Bonnie that I rode.
    Mate, I am the last person to talk chain tension to....

    I have chaps to do that kind of stuff. :)

    I do know that Triumph, in the original handbook for the Street Triple,
    quoted a free play measurement for the chain which was just totally wrong.

    They later updated to a more reasonable figure.
    Probably not, but, it may be an uphill battle since that appears to be a
    common trait with P.I. Triumphs.
    Well, the last Bonnie I rode had been fitted with either a Thruxton
    seat, or one of those Italian carved from solid wood seats. <shrug>

    CrazyCam, Aug 30, 2010
  8. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Bugga! Only four? At such a bargain price I'd be tempted to buy
    half a dozen. :p
    Angie is still working, so I get to live a little during the week, but
    the Street Triple is more than enough for me.
    I dunno how true it is, but I have heard that servicing on those Dukes
    is done by connecting the ECU, thru the wonders of the internet, to some
    mechanic in Italy, who then tells the local body what to do.

    CrazyCam, Aug 30, 2010
  9. CrazyCam

    Moike Guest

    Gotta agree there.

    For some years I have espoused a design principle that says; "If you
    design it to look good, it probably won't work very well. If you design
    it to work well, it must necessarily look good."
    Elegance is as much in function as in appearance.

    Moike, Aug 30, 2010
  10. CrazyCam

    Jeff R. Guest

    Actually, it's the last of the carby models.

    ....but thanks for the comments.
    Jeff R., Aug 30, 2010
  11. CrazyCam

    atec77 Guest

    atec77, Aug 30, 2010
  12. CrazyCam

    hippo Guest

    Sort of on the same quest myself.
    So there's no logical reason why we'll probably end up with a Thruxton :)

    I didn't ride the V7 - looks great but should make better power than my

    Things that are also on my list at the moment -

    Triumph Sprint GT released next month @ 18K rideaway plus whatever they're
    going to charge for the optional topbox.
    Ducati 1000 GT
    Guzzi Breva 1200 or 1200 Sports
    Bonneville range

    Oh yes... and there's a new 09 white Griso at a NSW dealer's for 23K

    Tightarse Logic says 'Buy a Bonnie black for 13.5 and add screen, rack,
    topbox, Ikon shocks and fork springs and (please) a better seat, for a
    total around 17K'.

    Then I think 'Well, for another grand I can get the Sprint GT; not retro
    but probably a much better bike all round for and extra grand plus topbox

    Robyn says 'If you like you the Thruxton, why don't you just buy one? Get
    the SE if you must, but I still think the black one looks better'. I agree
    to a point. I prefer the engine treatment on the std one, but like the
    frame treatment on the SE.... but then *they* runs to 17 - 17.5K with
    Ikons and a rack too.

    Lucky we don't actually have the money yet, hey?
    hippo, Aug 30, 2010
  13. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Oh, I knew that the earlier one I rode was carbied, it was an '07 model.

    It was actually super sweet to ride, and, as I remember, didn't have any
    snatchiness in the throttle.

    Have you got any free play in the adjustment of the cable?

    CrazyCam, Aug 30, 2010
  14. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    hippo wrote:

    Yeah, I find it another, minor, annoyance, that Triumph have so many
    permutations on the Bonnie theme, but not exactly the one I'd like.

    I like the fully black A1, except, I also like the two dial instrument

    The black model with the rev counter fitted seems to come with non-black
    alloy bits on the engine.

    At the base model price, throwing on some better suspension, and a
    chrome Ventura rack shouldn't drive the price to unacceptable levels.
    Hint: 17 grand would, to me, be unacceptable.

    I certainly wouldn't like a top box fitted, as I reckon it would spoil
    the looks completely!

    REAL tightarse logic says that you should look for a second hand R850R!

    CrazyCam, Aug 30, 2010
  15. I will differ there, the Ducati 851 and Bimota YB5 that I had I
    thought were beautiful works of Italian art. But they were such stupid
    things to ride that I didn't keep them long.

    They CBR1100XX I did like the styling of and it was comfortable to
    ride and it was quick. No problemmo. As per both VF100Rs I owned.

    The Hayabusa's styling annoyed me but I really liked riding it. Weird
    thing is that I got that post-divorce and compared to the Blackbird,
    women seemed to love its styling but guys didn't. The number of girls
    that pretty much demanded I take them for a ride on it was amazing.
    Maybe Suzuki have hit on to something there ...
    Kevin Gleeson, Aug 31, 2010
  16. CrazyCam

    hippo Guest

    ...or walk over to Bomaderry and buy back my GS1100G perhaps!

    Realistically, when finances allow I think it'll either be a Thruxton with
    flyscreen, Ikons and sports panniers or else the Sprint GT if Robyn's
    happy getting on and off the back of that.

    Sitll wondering why when the Bonnevilles are all made in Thailand now, a
    std Thruxton on road is $2400 less than a UK built Sprint GT over here but
    just under 3/4 the price of the GT's price in the UK (6700 vs 9500 quid).
    Hmmm! Cheers
    hippo, Aug 31, 2010
  17. I saw one in Midland on the weekend. Nice looking bike but not worth 5 x brand
    new GSX-R1000s in my opinion.

    Fraser Johnston, Aug 31, 2010
  18. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Kevin Gleeson wrote:

    <gasp> You mean it was the bike and not your rugged handsome good looks?


    CrazyCam (who still reckons that a Honda Z50 is really good for
    pulling chicks, but can't remember what's supposed to happen next!)
    CrazyCam, Aug 31, 2010
  19. They help you get down!
    Andrew McKenna, Aug 31, 2010
  20. CrazyCam

    CrazyCam Guest

    Diogenes wrote:

    I agree.
    Well, yes, if you are a follower, and no, if you are a leader.
    As above.....
    Yup! Have a close look at most of the current line-up of BMWs.

    Quirky verges towards fugly.... but, that way, the next model can be
    cheaply done as a cosmetic fiddle.
    ....and as for those wankers who leave their Ducatis idling for ages out
    side the coffee shop..... stone them!

    CrazyCam, Aug 31, 2010
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