Sepang Test

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by pablo, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. pablo

    pablo Guest

    First time these guys are on the bike in a while and probably trying
    many different things, however based on
    it looks as if...

    - Honda has the best bike out there, and the traditional 250cc Stoner-
    Pedrosa rivalry is going to make them both go faster...
    - Yamaha has a balanced package but has lost ground to Honda.
    - Ducati is utterly lost, with both Hayden and Rossi riding far and

    I think my money is on Stoner this year...
    pablo, Feb 2, 2011
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  2. pablo

    BmEcksNZ Guest

    Lets see if we can get this group back in action this year!

    Yeah, Honda is looking real strong, but pre-season times do not always
    translate into championship positions.

    But my money would still go on Stoner at this stage . . . only just.
    JL still looks like he has the potential to back up his championship.
    Pedro is looking more capable of stringing a decent set of results
    together. Spies would be a long shot this year, but look out next
    year, and write Rossi off at your peril!

    BmEcksNZ, Feb 2, 2011
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  3. pablo

    pablo Guest

    All true.

    But the fact Stoner gets on the Honda and is right there... pay
    attention. He's always been fast, and the Honda seems such a great
    package that I think every week on it now will solidify Stoner's

    And I think paradoxically Pedrosa's strength based on competitiveness
    with Stoner will work against everybody else.

    And the Honda's seem now strongest, and the Repsol Hondas even more
    so. Dovizioso is looking part extraterrestrial, heavens...

    The Yamahas.... saved by their undoubtedly great riders. No one can
    doubt Lorenzo is fast, and Spies is a future world champion. But the
    balanced Yamaha package seems to look a tad more pedestrian. We shall

    As early as it is, the Ducati's team disastrous showing can not be
    easily dismissed as an early season statistical anomaly, I think. It
    seems something went very astray there, and my feeling is they can be
    written off for the first several races.

    So the top contenders now seem to be Stoner, Pedrosa on the strongest
    bike; and Lorenzo as the defending champion on a still very capable
    bike; with Spies and Dovizioso ready to mix it up. And out of them,
    I'd bet on Stoner on what seems to be the best bike. Mind you, Pedrosa
    looked amazing in the last session, but then again racing situations
    are hit and miss with him.

    I would not count Rossi out, but I think I shall do for the early
    races - Ducati and Rossi clearly have some major work ahead. Shoulder
    or bike... we shall see. But the fact Hayden is where he is indicates
    there are real issues with the 2011 Ducati edition in its current
    stage... the fastest Duc rider was not on the cutting edge factory
    stuff, I think, which seems food for thought.
    pablo, Feb 3, 2011
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