Sequel to Vic registration fee anomoly

Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Peter Calman, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Peter Calman

    Peter Calman Guest

    Thanks to all who replied, even to the ones who made derogatory remarks
    about both the Harley and the Triumph....Here is the reply I got from
    Good Afternoon Peter
    Thank you for your email

    In reference to your enquiry from 1 January 2008, where a private motorcycle
    operator has more than one motorcycle registered, the $50 levy will apply to
    only one motorcycle currently registered in your name.

    This levy has been applied to the Harley, therefore the registration is at
    the cheaper amount.

    Senior Customer Service Consultant
    VicRoads Contact Centre

    NOTE: Please do not reply to this email as the mailbox is unattended.

    Work that out if you can, the Harley is cheaper registration with the levy
    added on.
    Peter Calman, Nov 3, 2008
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  2. Peter Calman

    Peter Calman Guest

    Probably GST added after totalled, makes you pay more GST
    just like discounts, they add the GST then take the discount because
    if they gave you the discount first at the wholesale price,
    then the GST wouldn't atract such a larger amount.

    This is what I said I didn't fully understand
    The Harley's reg is due at the start of the month,
    the Triumph is due at the end of the month,
    yet they say that the Harley's reg and levy,
    doesn't come into being as the Triumph reg covers the levy.
    I have had the Harley for many years, the Triumph for a lot less
    So, my question here is,
    How do they justify putting the levy on the Triumph, when the Harley's reg
    is due two weeks before and it's been in the stable a lot longer and also, I
    have paid the levy on the Harley since 2002
    Peter Calman, Nov 4, 2008
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  3. Peter Calman

    zipper Guest

    I only found this out last week myself. I'd sold one bike about the same
    time they posted out the remaining bikes rego. Two weeks later I got a
    second rego renewal for a lower amount. I'd already paid the higher one of
    course. A quick call to vicroads and they confirmed the extra amount for
    owning two bikes. The extra amount paid is being refunded in 6 to 8

    Mind you I had to prove I'd paid the higher amount by faxing them a copy of
    a bank statement, even though the guy could see the amount paid on his

    zipper, Nov 4, 2008
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