Shameless plug: Bantam Sport FS

Discussion in 'Classic Motorbikes' started by crn, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. crn

    crn Guest

    crn, Jun 4, 2010
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  2. crn

    CT Guest

    I never had that many watchers, but it all happened towards the end of
    the auction when I sold my Sprint ST. I never had a reserve though.
    CT, Jun 4, 2010
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  3. Wicked Uncle Nigel, Jun 4, 2010
  4. crn

    crn Guest

    900 which is probably not unreasonable for a very nice example of
    a rare and desireable model.
    If there is any justice in this world it should make around 1100.
    OTOH Bantams are mainly collectors items for oldphrarts on a
    pension so prices tend to be fairly low.
    crn, Jun 4, 2010
  5. crn

    A.Lee Guest

    People dont bid until the last half an hour. I didnt think my camera
    would sell (£250 reserve) but it went from £100 to £350 in the last 2
    A.Lee, Jun 4, 2010
  6. crn

    petrolcan Guest

    petrolcan, Jun 4, 2010
  7. I was about to post that. Truly crap and too small. Never helps.
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 4, 2010
  8. crn

    Steve Guest

    You need to promptly answer the questions you get asked ,you get more
    bids that way.
    Especially if its an enquiry relating to 2wd.
    Steve, Jun 4, 2010
  9. crn

    crn Guest

    Rule number 1:- Do not feed the trolls.
    crn, Jun 4, 2010
  10. crn

    geoff Guest

    geoff, Jun 4, 2010
  11. Wotcha.
    I paid £25 for my first Bantam - which funnly enough was a D14/4S, also on a
    "F" plate. Oh how that poor bike was abused. It went from pulling a
    sidecar to being fuel injected. More than once did the con rod make good
    its escape via the crankcase.
    Happy days.
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2010
  12. crn

    crn Guest

    Yebbut thats not a D14S, its a complete bitza.
    D7 tank, wrong hubs, wrong mudguards, gash exhaust, about the only thing
    correct is the seat .......

    Which is, of course, the fate of so many Bantams in youthful hands and
    the reason why a nice original one is so rare.
    crn, Jun 5, 2010
  13. crn

    Rusty Hinge Guest

    Bought my first Bantam (D1) for a fiver. Sold it to my brother for a
    fiver. Bought it back from him - for a fiver. Sold it to the Rocket
    twins (Justin and Julian - <waves> ) for a fiver.

    50 mph, up hill, down dale. It was known as Woooooooorrrh - you poked
    the kickstart lever and it went "pop!-pop!-pop!-pop!-woooorrrh.

    Then you kicked it again.
    Rusty Hinge, Jun 5, 2010
  14. crn

    Pikey Joe Guest

    I paid £30.00 for mine. They must've seen me coming.
    Yep. Mine too - and a red one just like the OP's.
    I treated mine with TLC. It still blew up though.
    Pikey Joe, Jun 5, 2010
  15. Let me guess -- Justin's nickname was "Sandy"?

    Ivan Reid, School of Engineering & Design, _____________ CMS Collaboration,
    Brunel University. [email protected][|] Room 40-1-B12, CERN
    GSX600F, RG250WD "You Porsche. Me pass!" DoD #484 JKLO#003, 005
    WP7# 3000 LC Unit #2368 (tinlc) UKMC#00009 BOTAFOT#16 UKRMMA#7 (Hon)
    KotPT -- "for stupidity above and beyond the call of duty".
    Dr Ivan D. Reid, Jun 5, 2010
  16. Wotcha.
    Guilty as charged.
    When I first had it, the original hubs, exhaust, mudguards etc. were all
    The only thing it did not have was the flyscreen.

    Yep - I well and truly destroyed what was once an original D14/4S.
    There again, it did teach me a lot about how bikes work, or don't, as the
    case may be.
    ^..^ Lone Wolf, Jun 5, 2010
  17. crn

    Pip Luscher Guest

    I'm sure his fides were quite boner.

    One nickname I saw in a computer game's credits was 'Justin "the
    Pip Luscher, Jun 5, 2010
  18. crn

    SIRPip Guest

    Only a very short boner, then.
    SIRPip, Jun 5, 2010
  19. crn

    A.Clews Guest

    If I may be so bold, the bike would look much prettier and more desirable
    without that horrible luggage rack hanging off the back, no matter how rare
    such items are. You could always include it as an optional extra. Just my
    2p worth. :)
    A.Clews, Jun 6, 2010
  20. crn

    SIRPip Guest

    List the thing separately, I would. It looks out of scale - more like
    davits for lifeboat launching than a parcel rack.
    SIRPip, Jun 6, 2010
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