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Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Brian Walker, May 3, 2008.

  1. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    A couple friends showed up about noon revving their motors and pulling
    into my driveway. After the brief "how y'all doing?", we leathered up
    and headed out. We left my house and headed out 697 toward
    Whitewright. We passed a bunch of other bikes out there and kept on
    enjoying. When we got into Whitewright, I topped off my tank (they got
    theirs done before they came to my house). We had a short discussion
    on where to go and we left out going south on 160 to 121 and then took
    121 to hwy 5 and south on 5. After a quick ride down 5, we hooked and
    caught 455 and headed west. Once we crossed 75, we had to divert and
    cut through the local gas stop because a 18 wheeler was in too big of
    a hurry trying to steal some diesel (has anyone noticed the gas prices
    lately?) and ran into the ditch, blocking our route to the cool roads.
    After we resumed the ride, we continued down 455 until we got into
    Celina. Once there, we rode up 289 north back to hwy 56 where we split
    up and headed our own ways. It was only about 100 miles, but it was
    nice to enjoy the company of riders and a nice spring day of riding.
    There were a BUNCH of other riders out.

    It seemed the biggest attraction today was the Blackbird and all it's
    gadgets and power.

    Total cost in fuel was about $17....

    What did y'all do?,-96.593124&spn=0.171328,0.374908&z=12

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    Brian Walker, May 3, 2008
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  2. Brian Walker

    Brian Walker Guest

    I cut all the yards yesterday so I could go today. I guess that's the
    good/bad part of having headlights on the new V-Twin, huh?
    Brian Walker, May 4, 2008
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  3. Brian Walker

    Mr. JayT Guest

    Brian, good report, and it looks like you all had a nice ride on a
    lovely clear/cool day, like we did here.
    ''You ask'' what'd you all do?

    =Honey and I rode to Jefferson, to witness one of the largest gathering
    of Civil War ReEnactors, in the region.
    We talked to a couple of Yankee Officers, and one had been doing it ,
    along with his wife, for 21 years.

    I'd guess there were about 20 old Canons, and atleast 300 reEnactors.
    What was so different about this Event was: The Yankees invaded
    Jefferson town, and their fight was in and around the main streets. Even
    firing down at the Yankies,from the outside top balconies of the old
    town buildings.

    The crowds (including us) followed them,
    as they moved from street to street.

    The down side is: the dam' Yankees won, they captured the little town of
    Jeffferson, Tx.

    Later on, about 4pm. There was a rural ''skirmish'' about two miles
    out, in a large field.
    The rebels and the Union Blue Coats lined up in their tight formation,
    and took turns firing at one another...This is where we got to see and
    hear the canons ''roar'', and see and smell the powder explosions, as
    they ripped those 10 pounders off: 'loud, you talk about
    loud..yep,mighty loud.

    However the Rebs whupped the Yankees in this battle, by doggies.

    There were a few Horse Soldiers, as well.
    The event was well chorographed, so-to-speak.

    We've been to them, where they were not too good, and not too well
    organiszed, and where not many showed up. MrJayT=
    Mr. JayT, May 4, 2008
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