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Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by Larry xlax Lovisone, Jul 8, 2003.

  1. Out during the boring bits of riding... I've been lost humming the same
    old tune over and over in my head... well I now have some 149 channels
    of Sirius Satellite Radio to which to jog along the next song stored in
    my noggin...

    Sirius's 60 commercial free channels beat XM's 20 commercial free
    channels... not to mention a more eclectic range of tunes... you may
    check out the actual programming on their site...

    I went with Audiovox's Universal FM system... normally $179.00 but
    Circuit City sold me their demo for 35.00 OTD... sweet...

    First I mounted the separate display module on my custom tank bag bracket...

    Next I mounted the receiver inside the lower compartment of the tank bag... Receiver.JPG

    Finally I mounted a $49.00 Terk antenna inside the tail cowl...

    I plugged a Radio Shack cord that adapted the receiver's red and white
    RCA jacks into a stereo mini jack and with a small volume control in the
    line... I now have perfect dynamic sound going into my stereo ear plugs...

    After the online 12.30 subscription fee... I was ready to test it out on
    my solitude Clearlake ride... I ended up very pleased... the system
    worked perfect... I only lost the signal twice due to the proximity of
    high metal objects... you'd think the signal would deteriorate while
    leaned 45 degrees to the asphalt... I delighted to report that's not the

    After the sound of a HRC's V4... what comes nearest to expressing the
    inexpressible is satellite moozic non stop...

    Larry L
    94 RC45 #2
    Have a wheelie NICE day...
    Lean & Mean it... the extended warranty in every corner of your life...
    If it wasn't for us the fast lane would rust...
    V4'S are music to the seat of my pants...
    Larry xlax Lovisone, Jul 8, 2003
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  2. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Prydan2k Guest

    Nice install Larry, although I am slightly partial to XM b/c I've had them
    before Sirius could get a signal to my area its sweet nonetheless.

    Prydan2k, Jul 8, 2003
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  3. Mine were made at San Mateo Motorcycle show for $160.00 ... I think
    Laguna Seca has a vender that does them for 50.00...
    Larry L
    Larry xlax Lovisone, Jul 9, 2003
  4. Hiya Ray...
    60┬║lean angle black box is Honda's way to kill the ignition if the bike
    falls over saving your engine... the "Oh Shit" works independently to
    save a rider having to give CHP head...:cool:

    Larry L
    94 RC45 #2
    Have a wheelie NICE day...
    Lean & Mean it... the extended warranty in every corner of your life...
    If it wasn't for us the fast lane would rust...
    V4'S are music to the seat of my pants...
    Larry xlax Lovisone, Jul 9, 2003
  5. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Dave Guest

    Nice pictures, what camera have you got????
    Dave, Jul 9, 2003
  6. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Battleax Guest

    Bah! Just stick the speaker nib in your ear and pour in some silicone
    calking, Keep your head on it's side for several hours till dry, then pry it
    out. Instant custom-fit.
    Battleax, Jul 9, 2003
  7. Larry xlax Lovisone

    JB Guest

    Hey Larry here's the 64,000 dollar question -- what do you do for

    I have tried to play my walkman for long superslab trips and I can't
    find a happy solution.

    If I remove my ear plugs then the wind noise makes me crank it so loud
    it is deafening.

    If I use ear plugs, then I cannot fit the ear-buds in my ear and they
    don't make enough sound for me to hear.

    I've tried sticking the ear buds behind my ear lobes to conduct the
    sound through the bone ... at V < 45 mph it is O.K. but once I hop on
    the freeway all I cal hear is the wind and the engine.

    I'll buy a drink at Alice's for anyone who gives me useful advice ...

    John Beck
    JB, Jul 9, 2003
  8. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Gerald Holt Guest

    Try a set of earphones from Radio Shack (they're a re-labeled Koss'
    "The Plug" but are easier to find).
    (RS Part # 33-1167). They provide about 29db of noise reduction but
    still allow you to hear someone's voice. I've ridden with these for
    about the last 3-4 months and must say that I'm pleased.
    Gerald Holt, Jul 9, 2003
  9. Larry xlax Lovisone

    JM Guest

    I've often considered carrying an mp3 player with me but I was afraid that
    it would block out too much noise that i would need to hear.. like a car
    horn or something.. strange noises coming from my bike and the like... Can
    you still hear what you need to hear with music going in your ears? or do
    you just not care to hear anything and would rather listen to some good

    JM, Jul 9, 2003
  10. I can't answer that for you... it's better you test it yourself to gain
    first hand knowledge...

    I feel enough of the outside noise reaches my ears while in moozic mode
    to act in a safe manner... my home made exhaust cap is stamped 80 dba...
    but in reality it's rated above 103dba... at that level my exhaust note
    has no problem reaching beyond the ear plugs and moozic...

    Larry L
    94 RC45 #2
    Have a wheelie NICE day...
    Lean & Mean it... the extended warranty in every corner of your life...
    If it wasn't for us the fast lane would rust...
    V4'S are music to the seat of my pants...
    Larry xlax Lovisone, Jul 9, 2003
  11. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Charles Soto Guest

    Pussy. Two-part epoxy would set in 5 minutes.

    Charles Soto, Jul 10, 2003
  12. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Bubba Guest

    And those annoying eardrums that always cause problems ;)

    95 Buell S2
    96 Kawasaki ZX7R
    Bubba, Jul 10, 2003
  13. Larry xlax Lovisone

    John Beck Guest

    Yesterday I went to Radio Shack and bought a pair of $22 earplug
    headphones (part number 33-1167) they have foam plugs with a through
    hole with the earphone inside. I tried them and they don't reduce road
    noise as much as my normal foam plugs but at 75mph they are acceptable:
    I can hear my music, the car horns AND my engine.

    Next I'll try drilling a hole in my favorite foam plug (they're bright
    orange and "bell shaped" instead of "bullet shaped"). Freezing the
    plugs first before using a 1/16" dill bit should do the trick. If not,
    I'll ruin a $.50 pair of ear plugs.
    John Beck, Jul 10, 2003
  14. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Paul Barwick Guest


    I took your advice and ordered a pair of the Radio Shack earbuds. It wasn't
    until the end of the transaction that I got the following message:
    "California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals, including
    lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or
    other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling."

    Seems like that would have been nice to know earlier. Glad I'm not the
    reproductive type. Wonder if I should wash my ears after using? And why
    only California residents. Don't we care about the folks in the other 49
    states (is that what they mean by a 49 state earphone?), or do they just add
    the nasty chemicals to the earphones they are selling to us CA folks?

    I suspect that is just a blanket warning they put on all products they sell
    to CA residents, to cover their rears because of our state disclosure laws,
    but I'll let you know for sure after I've worn the things a few times.

    Paul Barwick, Jul 11, 2003
  15. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Paul Barwick Guest

    Well darn. Shoots my love life all to hell. Seriously though, thanks for
    clueing me in about the solder. I never would have thought that was what
    they were talking about, even though I've been known to wield the ol'
    soldering iron a time or two myself.

    Paul Barwick, Jul 11, 2003
  16. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Bubba Guest

    All of this talk about music while riding is slowly leading towards a
    project I've been working on for ages: wireless helmet speakers. I've
    fiddled with a few off the shelf setups enough to know what has to be
    changed and how to go about the changes, but it looks like it's not a
    do it yourself setup unless you're very good with tools and composites
    since new housings need to be made. Some electronics work is needed,
    too. As soon as I can I'm going to pick up some stuff to start with
    and build my setup, test it out, take pics, and report on it's
    performance, but for now I can say that it'll be 900 mhz, powered by
    the bike, and semi-permenantly installed in the helmet (ala
    Chatterbox), but all internally. More details later.

    If this works out I might let a friend who builds custom computers,
    cases and all, build and sell them. Hopefully I'll be able to build a
    universal kit that can be installed by the end user, otherwise it'll
    be a send the helmet arrangement. Right now I'm estimating the cost to
    be around $150, plus a bit for installation if necessary. Anyone
    interested in this setup? Think about it. No wires from your head to
    your tankbag, armband, belt, pocket, etc. They'll even be FCC approved
    so the radiation police can't say shit to ya ;)

    email me at ninja(zee ecks seven are) at swbell dot net changing the
    stuff in (these) as appropriate. With any questions, comments, ideas,

    95 Buell S2
    96 Kawasaki ZX7R
    Bubba, Jul 11, 2003
  17. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Sam Guest

    I use an Iriver MP3 player every once in awhile when I'm commuting on
    the bike. It actually works suprisingly well... Once above 75 mph it
    gets harder to hear, but I figure I should be concentrating on other
    stuff by then anyway. At lower speeds, I can still hear all the
    important sounds (cars around me, engine noise, etc.).
    Sam, Jul 11, 2003
  18. I've often thought that the actual phones from a pair of Sony MDR7506
    professional studio headphones would work really well in a helmet if you
    could get them placed just right... these are full over-the-ear studio
    phones, and each earpiece is in a metal can thats not excessively large.
    they use 40mm drivers, so have superb bass response. they are designed for
    all day use by studio professionals. they do require somewhat more power
    than most any miniphones, however. The cushions are even replacable and
    available from sony's pro catalog. The phones are about $100-120 a pair.

    With wireless helmet speakers, how would you supply power? I think a good
    set of helmet phone/speakers with a simple minijack in a convenient place,
    then an optional vest-pocket sized wireless reciever would be perfectly
    adequate. Otherwise, you'd have to remove too much of the helmets foam
    to install the electronics and battery compartment inside the helmet, or
    you'll have an ungainly external box stuck on the helmet which will mess
    up the aerodynamics.
    John R Pierce, Jul 11, 2003
  19. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Bubba Guest

    Most of the wireless headphones out there use 2 or 4 AAAs. The plan is
    to build some suitable NiMH packs that will fit out of the way.
    True, but I rarely have my helmet on unless I'm immediately next to
    the bike anyway. Too hot for the lid around here if I'm not moving.
    That's what I thought until I saw some of the electronics involved.
    One set of headphones I fiddled with "accidently" came apart at the
    store. The boards in each side are barely bigger than Chatterbox
    speakers and will fit in my helmet (Vega Monterrey) behind or inside
    the ear pads. An external box is the last resort. Aerodynamically a
    Chatterbox makes no difference and a 900 MHZ rx can be made even
    smaller. The only real problem is batteries.

    Years ago I had an FM radio about the size of a credit card, but a
    lttle over 1/8" thick that would have easily fit in the helmet
    somewhere. Unfortunately I can't find any of those anymore. If I could
    it would be a piece of cake. Bury the radio in the helmet, hook it up
    to some speakers, and transmit to it with a Soundfeeder in the

    95 Buell S2
    96 Kawasaki ZX7R
    Bubba, Jul 11, 2003
  20. Larry xlax Lovisone

    Bubba Guest

    I use a Panasonic MP3 CD player and Sony clip-on earbuds. Took forever
    to pick the CD player since I wanted something with ID3, full digital
    controls on the top so I could get to them through the map pouch, and
    decent shock buffering. The Panasonic works perfect. The only problem
    was low volume when I was using my Chatterbox headset. Took it out and
    switched back to the Sony buds and it sounds perfect. A little
    inconvenient putting the buds in and working my head into the helmet
    without moving them, but I'll figure out a way around that one of
    these days.

    As for hearing what's going around, no problem, just don't turn it up
    too loud. I leave it at 5 (out of 20) around town and go up to about 8
    on the freeway.

    95 Buell S2
    96 Kawasaki ZX7R
    Bubba, Jul 11, 2003
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