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Discussion in 'Australian Motorcycles' started by Dave E, Nov 12, 2006.

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    [1] Went for an early spin this morning. North-bound just past Pie in the
    Eye and the first right hander after the 'chicane' there were at least 20
    people standing on the corner, one holding a large frame with pics and a
    photographer sizing them all up. As we went past they all raised VBs in
    unison. Later found out it was a memorial service for some poor bvstard who
    bought it on that corner (no idea who). Pretty sad to say the least.

    [2] Later, on the way south, we were being gestured by everyone oncoming
    from Road Worriers (sic) and eventually pulled over when a dude flagged us
    down. He said to take care, some 'gun' on a ZX6 had high-sided north-bound
    on a right-hander, presumably straight into the wall. That's a pretty wide
    corner so he must have *really* been fanging.

    As we crawled past, the ambos were scraping him off the road - clearly this
    was a big hit but we were later told he was conscious, so that's good news
    at least.

    [3] So, shaken up we decided to stop at Pie for a coffee and a yarn to some
    of the regulars. Sitting there, a bunch of blokes on sports bikes started
    up together, two took off on their back wheels and then I saw one young guy
    ready to do the same on a flat rear. I bolted over and told him about his
    tyre, he stopped the bike and got off. "Gees mate, thanks for that - no
    wonder the bike was all wobbly coming up from the bridge."

    Fer faaarks sake, if your bike was exhibiting strange behaviour while you
    are doing your 10/10ths, wouldn't you stop and check? This tyre was
    shredded and probably about 10psi, about to go off and do it all again -
    high chance of smashing straight into something less than spongy.

    Man, what does it take? We all love to get up it a bit but there are some
    stupid fvckers out there just waiting to dive into a guard
    rail/tree/wall/oncoming rider etc. on the limit. We speculated that even if
    the allowable speed was only 10 km/h these dumb bvstards would still be out
    there trying to go harder than last time.

    Anyway, for us - no fines, great laughs and a top couple of hours out early
    this morning along with some sobering reminders and some Darwinism just
    waiting to happen. Eck ya soft baaastard, hope you had sweeeet dreams while
    we were enjoying the great outdoors. :)


    Dave E, ZZR600 => ST2 (stolen) => '03 XX
    Dave E, Nov 12, 2006
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