Spanish "The crash is Hayden's FAULT"

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by auscars, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. auscars

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    Off course, Haydens a nice guy [not world champion material] but the
    move by pedrosa was a total bullshit, told you the Spanish are out of
    touch, what did u expect from bull[shit] fighters?

    Pedrosa's Manager Blames Hayden for Collision Seen 'Round the World
    interesting spin from a former rider
    by dean adams

    Thursday, October 19, 2006

    Former GP rider turned manager and tutor, Alberto Puig, blames Nicky
    Hayden for the collision that put both Repsol Honda riders on the
    ground last Sunday and decimated Nick Hayden's championship points

    Pedrosa admitted in the official HRC post-race press release that he
    made a grave error in judgment when he took Hayden down but Puig
    sees-or is that spins?-it differently.

    In a report on a Spanish web site (both Pedrosa and Puig are Spanish,
    as is team sponsor Repsol) Puig is quoted as saying, "Dani had a
    mathematical chance, so who would obligate him not to race? He crashed
    because the other rider [Hayden] braked early, and he had to turn in.
    If that didn't happen, he wouldn't have crashed."

    (Soup wryly notes: as long as we're talking longshots, Loris Capirossi
    had a mathematical chance at the title too. All it would take is for
    North Korea to perform their next nuclear test on the Estoril grid.)

    Puig, who acts both as Pedrosa's manager and mentor in racing, said,
    "The first thing Hayden had to do was get in front, which he hasn't
    done all year.[INDEED I AGREE WITH THAT] I know it's terrible for Honda
    and for Nicky, but it could have happened to anyone."

    auscars, Oct 20, 2006
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