sputter at idle, fuel injection, honda 919

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by S. J. A., Apr 6, 2004.

  1. S. J. A.

    S. J. A. Guest

    a few weeks ago my 2002 honda 919 (6000 miles) developed a sputter at
    idle. the idle on this bike has never been entirely steady and it is
    my understanding that this is due to the nature of the fuel injection
    system. the problem started suddenly. the sputter is not very loud,
    but it is easily noticable. i can't entirely tell if it is a small
    backfire or a misfire, but sometimes it is louder than other times and
    sounds more like a small backfire. at first i thought that i had a
    little water in my gas, and that it would work through in a day or so.
    well, i have run about 5 tanks of gas through it since then and the
    problem is still the same. the sputter happens semi-regularly. it
    only happens between idle and 2000 rpm. any other rpm seems to run
    exactly the same as it always has. it doesn't happen as i roll off
    the throttle; it starts a couple of seconds after the throttle is
    completely closed. similarly it starts happening a couple of seconds
    after a cold start and doesn't change as the bike warms up.

    in trying to fix this problem i have replaced the spark plugs, checked
    that the breather is clean, looked for vacuum leaks without success,
    made sure my headers are on tight, and checked the throttle and choke
    adjustment. i also have been buying my gas at a different gas station
    than i had been.

    fuel injection is new to me, so i was wondering if anyone recognized
    these syptoms or could give me some advise on troubleshooting the

    S. J. A., Apr 6, 2004
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