Status of 2004 World and AMA Superbike Championships

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Racing' started by sariwa1, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. sariwa1

    sariwa1 Guest

    Hello fellow newsgroupers,

    Has anyone out there heard any rumors (or facts ) on the status of the World
    Superbike and AMA Superbike Championships for 04?

    I've been checking Superbike related websites, and from what I've gathered,
    the new technical rules and the one make tire situation imposed by FGSport
    and backed by the FIM has all the Japanese factories pulling out of the
    World Superbike Series and according to one site, Dunlop is exploring the
    possibility of sueing FGSport and the FIM because of the one tire spec.
    rule. Anyway, who wants to see another season of the World Ducati

    I've read the pending rule changes for World Superbikes and the AMA,
    however, I will admit that most of the technical stuff is over my head.

    I have also heard that the AMA Superbike series may not have the GSXR-1000
    and a possibility that Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha will not contest the
    series in 04. For reference, below is a quote from the
    website where Kenny Roberts Jr. said that Suzuki is not going to enter a
    bike in the AMA series. In any event, has anyone heard differently? I'll
    just sit back and await answers. Thanks in advance...

    Big Poppa

    "American Honda called us and said they're not offering me a Superbike thing
    right now, but they also didn't know if they were going to do a Superbike
    [team]. Suzuki has said they're not going to do Superbike. It makes sense.
    Why put someone on a Superbike if you're going to be the only company racing
    it? What's the point?"
    sariwa1, Oct 11, 2003
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  2. sariwa1

    S Frank Guest

    Why would Kenny Roberts Jr be commenting on
    the status of Suzuki in the AMA? Is he wanting
    to come to the AMA? That is news to me.
    S Frank, Oct 11, 2003
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