Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by louie, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. louie

    louie Guest

    louie, Feb 21, 2009
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  2. louie

    bj_kana Guest

    bj_kana, Feb 21, 2009
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  3. louie

    Schiffner Guest

    Well you know how it is..."Those guys are idiots, WE can make it work"
    and thus the cycle of trying to do the same stupid plan again and
    again even though it didn't work the last million times it was tried.
    ~8^| Even I learn my lesson after the second try.
    Schiffner, Feb 21, 2009
  4. louie

    bj_kana Guest

    ====it is like we are damned if we dont, or damned if we
    do.....something has to be done.....we're in dire,
    me...and them, all of them.....
    bj_kana, Feb 21, 2009
  5. louie

    BiffB Guest

    BiffB, Feb 23, 2009
  6. louie

    Mr. JayT Guest

    Mr. JayT, Feb 23, 2009
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