Sunday, afternoon on Skyline

Discussion in 'Bay Area Bikers' started by JB, Jan 19, 2004.

  1. JB

    JB Guest


    Sunday afternoon (Jan 18) I was riding North on Skyline (about 2
    miles South of 92) and there was a motorcycle/truck collision. The
    wreckage did not look good -- I am hoping the biker faired better than
    the vehicles did.

    There were police, fire, etc and the rest of the group was parked
    on the shoulder, looking quite shaken - I almost stopped but was not
    sure that a stranger was welcome. If any of you know this biker or his
    or her friends, please send my best to them. I hope the rider suffered
    no permanent ills from this.
    JB, Jan 19, 2004
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