Sunday's South Wales Run

Discussion in 'UK Motorcycles' started by SteveH, May 17, 2004.

  1. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    Fantastic day for it - scorching sun all day, light traffic and very
    little plod presence.

    Did the usual boring run from Ystrad Mynach to Hirwaun, taking the A4059
    from there. I love that road. Undulating, twisty, with good visibility.
    Pretty uneventful - despite the best efforts of the sheep and some
    fuckwit in a Renault Clio with his mates who decided to try and take the
    same wide line through a sweeping left-hander as I was, but 20-odd mph
    slower. Still, a blast on the horn woke him up.

    Had a steady run down the A40, taking care not to take the piss, and
    kept speeds under 90mph - it's a real plod-magnet on Sunday afternoons,
    but the twisty sections can be fun at sane, license-friendly speeds.

    Quick lunch at the West End cafe, before heading off to Llangadog, where
    you take a left over the A4069 Black Mountain road. Probably the 2nd
    most popular stretch of the day. Uphill, twisty, dodgy surface. With a
    cracking uphill hairpin near the top. Must try harder on that bit, but
    the drop off the edge of the tarmac puts me off.

    Dropped down into Brynaman, and on to Llandilo. Shite bit of road, but
    only 20 minutes or so, and we took an unknown B-road to head back up to
    Lampeter (B4032 / B4337, ISTR). What an _awesome_ stretch of road.
    'Three Dimensional' is what Stritchy called it. 20-ish miles of
    undulating, twisty, narrow, bumpy B-road. Must do it again. Stopped at
    the end feeling a bit knackered from the concentration of riding it.

    Dropped back down a pretty average A-road into Llandovery and back to
    Ystrad Mynach again.

    Total 180 miles. 6 hours on-and-off riding.

    Was good to catch up with Stritchy and Fat Nick again, hope it was worth
    the effort of getting down here for them. Much beer was drunk, music
    listened to and bollocks talked until the early hours of Sunday morning.

    Pics here, for anyone sad enough to want to look:
    SteveH, May 17, 2004
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  2. SteveH

    GPZ Guest

    Whens the next one?
    GPZ, May 17, 2004
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  3. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    Sunday. Weather permitting.

    Getting pissed at my local on Saturday evening optional ;-)
    SteveH, May 17, 2004
  4. SteveH

    Preston Kemp Guest

    Spooky coincidence, I did that road for the first time yesterday. The
    silver MR2/Boxter type thing in the background of your picnic table pic
    was there when I turned up:

    It is a cracking road, & lead to me touching the fairing down on one
    left-hander. I was chuffed not to bin it, but a bit peeved at the
    scratch marks.
    Preston Kemp, May 17, 2004
  5. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    Bugger. Only just missed us, probably.

    Trying to get a run organised most weekends. You should join us
    SteveH, May 17, 2004
  6. SteveH

    SteveH Guest

    Might be there - usually pass / call in there at least once, depending
    on the run.
    SteveH, May 18, 2004
  7. SteveH

    Preston Kemp Guest

    Thanks, I'll take you up on that.

    I was checking out the route for the MV group run we're doing this
    Sunday, & that road's definitely staying in! We'll probably get to the
    West End mid afternoon, if all goes to plan, so might catch you there if
    you're around. I'll be on the Senna with '' stickers on
    the screen.
    Preston Kemp, May 18, 2004
  8. **** - is the fat lying cheating sociopathic ****[1] still alive then?

    [1] Not Stritchy
    Simon Atkinson, May 18, 2004
  9. SteveH

    Lozzo Guest

    Simon Atkinson says...
    Nice to see grudge bearing is still alive and kicking in ukrm.
    Lozzo, May 18, 2004
  10. Aye - Although I look on it more as a long term plan to rebalance the
    scales of justice.
    Simon Atkinson, May 18, 2004
  11. SteveH

    Christofire Guest

    Don't bring him into it - you'll need a fair bit of balancing for that.
    Christofire, May 18, 2004
  12. I'm happy to remove bits of him till it balances.
    Simon Atkinson, May 18, 2004
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