SUNL buyer beware - junk atv, go kart and scooters

Discussion in 'Motorbike Technical Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 2, 2007.

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    Thinking of buying a SUNL ATV or product? DON'T DO IT!!
    Below is what you can expect!
    Extremely low quality, no after the sale service or parts.
    SUNL is just JUNK! Do not waste your money!

    Glad to have found this site to vent on. My son bought one of these
    from NYDiscountmotors on Feb. 19 on ebay. Nothing but problems since it
    came out of the crate. Starter wouldn't work, so he was jump starting it
    for about two weeks. Place was going to meet us halfway between NY and
    CT to fix problem, then tells me to take it somewhare and they will
    reimburse cost. Did that and the day before we took it all of a sudden the
    starter worked. Guy up here looked at it, couldn't find why it wouldn't
    start before, needed headlight replacement. Was never sent. Then they
    won't reimburse him the $90 because it was now working. Then agreed to
    pay half, still haven't gotten it. Body parts are broken off, cheap
    plastic, In March the chain broke, $38 to replace that with a good chain.
    By beginning of May, rear brake pads completly gone. Another $68 to
    replace them, once the guy found ones that matched. Yesterday, the front
    wheel is now sheared right off the axle. Luckily he was going around a
    curve and not going fast. These are a piece of $1000 junk. He rides in
    the woods on trails he and his friends have made and these bikes are just
    not rugged enough for that. He had a Polaris 90 Sport we got used for
    $600. That on had been flipped, crashed, drowned and never broke off a
    body part. On this piece of crap the entire right side from front feder
    to back is in pieces and other parts are cracked. He has sure learned a
    hard lesson for a 14 year old. NY Discount motors response is basically
    you get what you pay for. They are really mad because I left neutral
    feedback on them. Just said good sale, shoddy product, email for info
    before bidding. Ruined there 100% positive rating. Have asked me to recind
    it, was considering it, until the wheel incident. Sorry to go on so
    long, but just needed to vent. I guess buyer beware is really true. Thanks
    All the bad things you have read about SUNL are correct, why bother
    with JUNK!

    Things I've had go wrong in the first 3 months:

    1.) Chain broke after the "guard" squashed against it after casual
    trail riding...and I mean CASUAL.
    2.) Bolts to the swing arm axle adjuster fell out after a day of CASUAL
    riding, used red thread lock to fix it, took an hour to find them in
    the field.
    3.) Throttle cable got stuck after a day of attempted mud
    son held on for dear life!
    4.) Frame developed a crack near the lower swing arm joint...hmmm.
    5.) Gas tank developed a hair line crack after another day of CASUAL
    riding (this is when I decided it was no longer safe for my son to ride

    So, bottom line, if your having good luck with your SUNL, your among A
    FEW. Don't waste your money...that's all I'll say.
    Buyer beware!
    In April of 2006 I purchased 6 ATV's from a SUNL dealer thru EBAY. This
    dealer, who I will not name, has been so very helpful. I have no
    complaints at all about him. He has sent me box after box of parts for free.
    What absolutely floors me, is how incredibly poorly these things are
    made. My kids are all average sized, ranging from 6 yrs old to 11 yrs
    old. They only ride them on the weekends in our 4.5 acres of flat as can
    be grass yard. No jumps, tricks, rough riding, nothing. These things
    have been an endless headache for me. I seriously can't tell you how many
    hours and hours I have spent trying to make these things work. Here are
    just a few problems I have encountered: CONSTANT carb problems-float
    needles sticking open causing the carb to empty the entire fuel tank all
    over the ground/floor. Needles sticking shut causing the engine not to
    start. Fuel lines cracking and leaking all over the hot engine after
    only one month of riding. Dead batteries every weekend causing me to need
    to jump start them off of my battery charger just to get them going.
    All of them have had the chains break at least once. The frame on one of
    the 110's broke in half where the swingarm meets while my 60 lb
    daughter was riding it, luckily she was not hurt. All of them have had parts
    break, fall off, loosen up, etc for no reason. I got to the point where
    I was putting Loctite on everything! I could go on and on. At this
    point, only ONE of the SIX I purchased is running. They are parked
    permanently. Now, I knew that these were not going to be as good as the Hondas
    that I originally wanted to buy (the Hondas are 5 times the $), but I
    didn't think these things would be so terribly made and downright
    dangerous. In the end, I guess you do get what you pay for. BUYER BEWARE!
    I was a SunL Dealer couldn't get parts at all and filed against them
    through my credit card company. Endless Journey Cycles Ohio
    Just picked up a brand new 150cc scooter by SUNL. Got it cheap, but as
    I am finding out, getting replacement body panels are difficult to come
    by. I email SUNL in Texas but they don't respond. I email a distributor
    in City of Industry, California, and they too don't respond. It would
    appear the SUNL is another fly by night company or run out of someone's
    Run away from anything that says SunL on it. We used to deal in their
    scooters also and they were nothing but problems.
    Arg! Well I still don't have the parts I need to fix my kickstarter. I
    can't get a hold of SunL's parts division (the switch board at SunL
    only picks up the phone when the parts division is closed, HA!). Brian, If
    your smart you will tear up Sunl's number and never call them again.
    They are THE WORST company when it comes to scooters.
    One important message to you. DO NOT look for any support from
    SUNL. They are the worst in my opinion and I have been trying to deal
    with them since buying the bike last October.
    I purchased several mopeds to resale in my powersport shop. Sunl has
    made promise after promise to send necessary parts which I ended up
    buying from a parts house. I needed mso's in order to get titles to the
    mopeds that I sold. I have had to purchase several mopeds back from the
    customers, which now I have a few used mopeds that I can't get titles to.
    Sunl contacted me informed me that the state of Florida is making them
    buy back all mopeds (as a credit) I purchased for what I paid for them,
    less shipping. Now they say they are not going to buy them back, refuse
    to take my calls or return any of my calls. I hope that anyone that is
    thinking about buying from Sunl reads this and thinks twice about it
    they are built cheaper than other chinese products that I purchased from
    other distribitors. I have also heard rumor tha sunl has copied from
    another mfg the epa tags and put them on their own products which is why
    Florida wont accept any mso that I already have.
    Many many phone calls all over the country dealing with rude
    receptionists and ignorant peaople, finally yielded the name and phone number of
    the GM over thier 4 US branches, Jeff Boudreaux at 1-866-423-1072. I
    spoke to him on Feb 14th and thought i was finally going to get somwhere,
    he refered me to Chris the Parts and Tech manager in Texas. Now about
    10 e-mails later I have not gotten any resolution. Lotsa "gonnas" but no
    action. when I am done with this post I plan to get on the phone to
    Jeff again. Really a shame if they want to build a brand in the US, if
    they don't change and begin to listen to customers problems, address them
    with manufacturing changes and then stand behind thier product and make
    parts accessable they won't last long.
    I have had alot of communication with SUNL in Texas and do not get the
    responses I had hoped for, especially considering they are trying to
    build a brand here in the U.S. For example I have tried to get the
    missing washer that holds on the dust cap on the front hub for over a month
    now.... Nuthin. I have tried to find out if there is a clutch rebuild
    kit.... Nuthin. I could go on but won't.
    These karts are junk. And if that isn't enough, just try getting parts
    for them. Even as a dealer, I couldn't hardly get any parts. I finally
    gave up and dumped the line. Stay away from SUNL. You will be doing
    yourself and your family a great favor.
    stay away from, me and my buddy used to sell them they have alot of
    problems Chassis breaking carbs falling off and sticking wide open one kid
    ... got hurt no to long ago and sunl is being sued over defects, spend
    the extra money and buy name brand
    -- Pink Piece of Junk --
    I can't believe I actually bought this for my 8 year old daughter. She
    wanted to ride with me at the local track but I didn't want to spend
    any more money on an expensive quad so I decided to buy this. I am
    extremely disappointed because it only rides for a few hours before something
    goes wrong with it. Everything about this quad is awful. I would never
    buy another SunL ATV ever again.
    -- SUNL Junk --
    Purchased a Hanma R6 for grandson for Christmas. Purchased 12/22/2006.
    Went through all the pre-ride checks and he received atv on 12/26/2006.
    No rough riding, no jumping, no high speeds and unit falling apart
    everyday. Welds breaking and bolts coming loose. Returned unit on January
    4, 2007 and probably out the money, but SUNL is junk - DO NOT BUY IT. No
    warranty, no parts, and no service. Somebody needs to get a class
    action suit started on these guys to shut them down or get them straight
    before somebody dies.
    You get what you pay for...I bought a ATV 109 for my son, it served
    it's purpose for a couple of months. I got tired of fixing it after every
    ride. In general, they are junk.
    We bought a little SUNL about 2 months ago, something has fallen off or
    broke everytime we go riding. This last time, it was the frame. So we
    are sending it back and are looking at getting the Unison Desert Cat 90.
    So far I have heard alot of good stuff. We ride in sand mostly. My son
    is only 35 lbs and will be 8 this summer. We want something that we
    wont have to fix or tighten things on every time we ride.
    We have some experience with "Chinese Quads". While they are cheaper,
    you have to be willing to put in the time in maintaining them. They take
    A LOT more maintenance than regular bikes. Things rattle off and parts
    break easily on a regular basis. You have to know how to fix them and
    it is difficult to get certain parts. It takes a lot of patience in
    getting on line and calling places to find parts. Many times we have
    ordered parts for them to be back ordered for months and we never get them.
    It was really hard to find tires and wheels for our little one and we
    ended up having to wait about 7 months before we found the right ones.
    I bought a SunL 50cc quad for my 5 year old stepdaughter less than a
    year ago. I too did not want to spend $2k on a 50cc quad, especially if
    she turned out not to be interested in riding it. My first impression
    was that it had a stout motor for a 50cc., had a decent looking rear disc
    brake, electric start, remote start, remote kill switch, pretty neat I
    thought. I soon realized that what I had was a total pile of crap.

    * The suspension is nothing more than springs - there is no appreciable
    damping in the "shock". Makes for precarious handling characteristics
    thru any sort of appreciable bumps.
    * The throttle stop, at its full-in position, still allows the bike to
    haul a**.
    * There is no parking brake, and it will walk away at normal idle
    * Not that the brake is much use, which was surprising, as it's a
    hydraulic disc brake (rear only, no front brake at all). It will slow the
    bike down eventually, but it's not even strong enough to lock the rear
    wheels pulled fully to the grip. Yes, I bled it, no improvement.
    * There is no gas tank petcock. A piece of plastic from the cheapo gas
    tank lodged itself in the float seat, causing it to piss gas out the
    float vent. There was no vent tube, so the gas was leaking on the hot
    cylinder head. Only solution given a lack of the right tools to remove the
    plastics at the time was to drain the gas tank before putting it back
    on the trailer.
    * With the help of the springboard suspension and some uneven bumps
    (common to offroading), my daughter managed to flip it over. Now the
    steering shaft is bent.

    She's ridden it at maybe 8 outings total, and it is now a total piece
    of garabage. During the last 4 outings, I've spent more time fixing it
    than she has riding it, cutting out my riding time as well. Now that I
    know she's into riding, she will be getting a quality quad for her
    birthday in a couple months.

    So, in conclusion, if you don't ride very hard, or if you do ride hard
    but don't venture far from camp and can put up with a constantly
    breaking motorcycle or quad, the chinese models may be what you're looking
    7 days ago by Brandy Jenson
    I bought 2 four wheelers for my two daughters for a Christmas present
    from sunl the first thing that happened was when they were delivered one
    of them was the wrong color it was suppose to be pink and it was a
    hunters camo yellow for a boy and this was a Christmas present for my
    daughter and i hand her this boy looking four wheeler i contacted sunl and
    they said they didnt have the one i ordered so just sent me the wrong
    one hoping i would be happy well i was not it took from the end of nov.
    To just a few days ago to get the new body that i ordered i am so
    disappointed with these four wheeler every time we attempt to ride them they
    literally fall apart both of them are a piece of junk all the problems
    i read you had i have had the same things wrong with mine and every
    time i try to contact them they are full of excuses i think they're
    waiting for the year warranty to be up so then theres no chance of getting
    any help from sunl we bought these and they dont even run and were
    suppose to just say oh well we got ripped off its not fair we should get a
    refund or something i feel like we totally got ripped off.

    33 days ago by Jennifer McArdle
    The fact that these four wheelers are poorly made is absolutely true,
    and to add headache to injury, the dealer who sold my daughter's to me
    neglected to mention the laws and statutes concerning appropriate size
    for age class, the required education classes and registration
    documentation. So not only is the product poorly constructed, but due to the
    laws where I live and the fact that I would use it at public locations, my
    child is completely unable to use it. Which I guess isn't so bad
    considering the safety issues that other Sunl owners have experience. Stay
    very far away from the Sunl products!! do not make the same mistake that
    I did.
    HANMA R6 ATV - poor quality
    Complaint Rating: 67 % with 3 votes
    Purchased SUNL Hanma R6 December 22, 2007..given as Christmas gift to 6
    year old 54 pound (24.49 kg) grandson. He received gift on December

    The recommended inspection before riding was completed on December 24th
    per the checklist in the owners manual. In addition to pre-ride
    inspection all bolts and nuts were checked for tightness. One bolt was found
    missing in rear muffler hanger and a number of bolts were loose. The
    nuts that attach the muffler to the engine head were loose and also
    tightened. Lug nuts on wheels were also checked for proper torque.
    During pre-ride inspection what looked to be a small crack was noted on
    rear rack bracket.
    Per instruction booklet motor break in procedures were followed by
    setting throttle at approximately half throttle for first ten hours.
    Youngster rode with father who was on a Kawasaki quad and father insured that
    engine speed was varied and that constant low speed was avoided
    However, unit was never broken in due to a total of ten hours not being
    completed. The vehicle held together only long enough for one tank of fuel
    and part of another tank to be used.

    December 26th: Rear muffler bolt came loose and was lost. Bolt
    replaced. Rear rack bracket broke and rack went forward into plastic body
    housing breaking plastic body.

    December 27th: Keeping muffler tight continued to be a problem and
    muffler was wired because muffler bracket broke. Battery case latching
    system broke.

    December 28th: Chain came off and had to be replaced and retightened
    and muffler continued to work loose at engine head.

    December 29th: front rack mounting broke and bolts holding muffler on
    engine head came loose and were lost, This was the end of using the
    unit. Unit was returned to dealer on January 4th.

    The unit is sold as an all terrain vehicle for off use road only. This
    unit was never subjected to any excess weight, nothing was carried on
    either rack, and the unit was never subjected to any severe treatment
    such as jumping or high speed operation in rough terrain, or for that
    matter even over mild terrain.. Unit was operated in field and pasture
    conditions in a rural area. None of the areas would be considered extreme
    or severe terrain. Overall the unit was operated in what would be
    considered mild territory for any off road or all terrain vehicle.
    The dealer has stated that the damage to the unit appeared to be
    "impact" damage. There was never any impact with any object other than those
    that were attached to the unit and fell off and impacted some other
    part of the unit such as the rear rack hitting the plastic body.
    I have absolutely no complaints at all about the engine other than the
    muffler not staying on the unit. Engine started easily every time and
    ran excellent. Brakes worked well and transmission seemed to perform
    flawlessly. However, I would add that the unit has not operated the full
    10 hours as recommended for break in.
    The major problem I see is that the tubing used in the construction of
    the frame and racks is of extremely poor quality. With such little
    operating time under such mild conditions and seeing all of the welds break
    and other frame problems I am concerned that a major frame component
    could fail. Failure of a major part such as swing arm or other steering
    component could result in sever injury or even death to the rider and
    even low speeds. Don't waste your money, or chance your kids life.


    Broken axle

    Broken frame....SUNL stalls

    SUNL 90....another broken frame

    SUNL mini 90....broken swingarm

    SUNL 250 .... engine and welds break

    SUNL class action lawsuit

    SUNL 250 motor mounts breaking
    Anonymous, Jun 2, 2007
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  2. Do **** off with your spam, you sad stupid ****.
    The Older Gentleman, Jun 2, 2007
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    Do (should) all retards that buy counterfeit crap go to to all this trouble
    to advertise how fucking stupid they are?????
    Hank, Jun 4, 2007
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