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    Posted: 2007-11-04
    Sunl SUCKS!

    I was set up as a dealer for Sunl in May 2007. In their dealer agreement Sunl forces prospective dealers to purchase

    minimum orders. If no minimum order is purchased, you have no dealer agreement. So we bought about $30,000.00 in

    inventory. In July another account manager phoned me and told me my account manager had been fired, business as

    usual. During this time the office staff at Sunl had not completed our franchise agreement so we could not file our

    amendmended license request with the state. After much pressure a franchise agreement was produced and we filed it

    with the state only to learn there was another dealer in our town who had protested our license amendment. We came

    to learn this guy in the local mall is part of Sunl's problems of their stuff falling apart. Not long after we

    received the notice from the state, a DOT investigator came to visit us and more or less forced us to drop our

    amendment... assuring us that he would make Sunl buy back our inventory. Of course noone at Sunl will return our

    repeated calls either. So we're stuck with ALL this inventory the state says we cant legally sell.

    To you people that spent $1000.00 for a atv, scooter, etc and got taken advantage of, how would you like to walk in

    my shoes a day or two, and make my interest payments on the merchandise that sits in my storage area Im not able to


    I don't think word can get out fast enough about this company. When I asked the DOT investigator how it is that they

    can do what they do... he replied ( and I CANNOT believe what he said) " you know, they're Chinese, and they do

    business different than "we" do ". I thought that was sort of ironic since he is his panic, and I don't know who he

    was talking about when he said "we", because down at our place, we run it the way the STATE says, not the way the

    state apparently lets Sunl run theirs.
    I am really sorry so many people have had SO much trouble with the powersports products they purchased from Sunl,

    but I found out that yes these bikes do break, and NO support connected to a Sunl product to speak of, but if you

    have a good enough service department, ALL of the problems can be overcome, and parts CAN be found to repair them.

    Ive spent days reading complaint after complaint on the internet about Sunl products, and they're almost ALL true.

    The problem I seen for myself at the Sunl location in Dallas was this... you have ONE autocrat ruling that place

    behind the scenes, and a bunch of puppets (sales people they call District managers ) working out where people can

    see them. This chinese person behind the scenes calls ALL the shots there. If there's NO parts to fix your bike,

    it's because that "autocrat" running the show thinks Americans are SO rich that when one of their junky bikes break,

    we should just go out and buy another one to replace it. They'll even tell you that when you buy, you should buy one

    or two extra to have as parts. Ive given them $40.00 for a starter they have for sale online for $15.00... and I am

    a dealer ! Here's why though... you have a customer at your dealership with a 10 year olds atv that wont start...

    you buy the starter, and pay the freight yourself, and let the customer have that starter at cost and just write

    that extra cost off as the price of doing business with Sunl, or you do like the guy at the mall does, and tells his

    customers to get lost.

    You buy a bike at MY place though, and your 10 year old will be back out having fun on his atv asap. We already

    handle the Diamo line, and have been VERY satisfied with their entire operation, plus warranty claims have been very

    minimal,Ive also picked up another product line to replace the Sunl's I cant sell, but this is the start of my

    education to the public about Sunl. A business run by idiots will produce a bad product, and most wont last too

    long. If you have any questions concerning Sunl I can answer, please call Fast Freddys Motorsports at 432-580-7566.

    25 days ago by Sunl Iz A Big Stinker


    but dangerous: I have sla-250cc quad--from march 2007 to October 2007 ive had all these problems: chain snaps, cable

    snaps, brake handle snaps, poor front- frame welding-- resulting in cracks in the joints, muffler breaks off

    welding, carb leaks, broken axle, engine smokes like u wouldnt believe, and random stalling!!! All this in 7

    months!! Did no jumps or anything extreme and the thing falls apart!! SUNL IS DANGEROUS STAY AWAY FROM THEIR

    PRODUCTS-- especially there atvs and dirt bikes!!! I paid 1650 for the new atv and spent over 500 in repairs and i

    still have trouble w/ the quad!

    23 days ago by Swiss Miss
    Hey Sunl I hope your happy, tricking people into buying your crappy, piece of junk quads! I cant believe you get

    away with selling these cheap dangerous quads!!! The welding on these ATVs is so crappy that there were cracks in

    the front frame after the first day of riding!!! The SUNL quad I bought has to be constantly repaired! I spend more

    time getting it fixed than i do actually riding it. WARNING: BE SMART DON'T FALL FOR SUNL LIES BECAUSE ITS A WASTE

    OF MONEY! They claim that there quads are good quality??? I sure dont think so. SUNL S*CKS, HOW DARE THEY SELL THESE


    2 days ago by Smoked Cheese
    Yea want do you know! SUNL SUCKS!!! There a big trap for consumers interested in this fraudulent company!!! Their

    goal is to sell cheap vehicles that aren't put together right and assembled with cheap parts. Once someone calls for

    a part or assistance what to get: NO HELP!!!! LOUSY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! There atvs and dirt bikes are especially

    dangerous: cheap parts, lousy assembly, and mechanical-related accidents so i heard about them. SUNLs BIG GAME PLAN:

    1.) Happy consumer buys vehicle at great price and year warranty. 2.)Consumer comes for a ride: C-R-A-A-A-C-C-K!!!

    Oh great!!! Looks like i need a part: I'll call Sunl. 3.)Hm, no one available to help. No one available:

    click to leave message: during business hours!!! Hmm. 4.) Finally get a hold of Sunl : They dont accept the

    warranties!!! FRAUD!!! 5.)=ANGRY CONSUMER!!! True Story!!! Dont fall into Sunls scheme!!! By the way i never got a

    tool kit with my quad!!!

    29 days ago by Jason Merfeld
    We are an independent MC and ATV Repair shop, and agree 100%, these are DANGEROUS, POORLY designed machines. Anyone

    that buys an ATV from a used car lot or a furniture store should ask the question, Why are these for sale here?
    SunL will make anyone a dealer, without any questons asked or qualifications verified and it shows.
    We are tired of seeing these things coming in day after day, and broken hearted kids make it even worse.
    I'm not saying all Chinese powersports products are junk, the Qinqi, Jincheng, and Jianshe products I have seen are

    very well built, but you won't find them on Ebay and you won't find them anywhere but a Motorcycle shop. You will

    pay more than $600 bucks for them though.

    wont send mso, parts
    I purchased several mopeds to resale in my powersport shop. Sunl has made promise after promise to send necessary

    parts which I ended up buying from a parts house. I needed mso's in order to get titles to the mopeds that I sold. I

    have had to purchase several mopeds back from the customers, which now I have a few used mopeds that I can't get

    titles to. sunl contacted me informed me that the state of Florida is making them buy back all mopeds (as a credit)

    I purchased for what I paid for them, less shipping. Now they say they are not going to buy them back, refuse to

    take my calls or return any of my calls. I hope that anyone that is thinking about buying from sunl reads this and

    thinks twice about it they are built cheaper than other chinese products that I purchased from other distribitors. I

    have also heard rumor tha sunl has copied from another mfg the epa tags and put them on their own products which is

    why Florida wont accept any mso that I already have.

    A BBB "F" rating

    The BBB reports on businesses, both accredited and non-accredited. If an organization is a BBB Accredited business,

    it is stated in this report.

    Name: Sunl Group, Inc
    Phone: (972) 243-4555
    Fax: (972) 556-9479
    Address: 8551 Esters Blvd
    Irving, TX 75063-2206

    Original Business Start Date: March 2003
    Principal: Ms. Mei Zhou, Owner
    Customer Contact: Ms. Mei Zhou, Owner - (972) 243-4555
    TOB Classification: Wholesalers & Distributors
    BBB Accreditation: This organization is not a BBB Accredited business.

    The BBB processed a total of 30 complaints about this company in the last 36 months, our standard reporting

    period.Of the total of 30 complaints closed in 36 months, 6 were closed in the last year.
    Customer Experience

    Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record
    Anonymous, Nov 24, 2007
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