Support Our Troops Decals

Discussion in 'Texas Bikers' started by Philip Spotts, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. you can receive some support our troops decals by sending a self-
    addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to the following address:

    Phil's Patriotic Printing
    1706 North Washington
    Junction City, KS 66441

    see what the decals look like at:

    Feel free to share this offer with other Patroitic Americans.
    Philip Spotts, Nov 28, 2003
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  2. Philip Spotts

    Brian Walker Guest

    Speaking of "Patroitic" Americans...I just got the new Dixie Chicks
    Live CD. There sure were a bunch of Toby Keith CDs on the shelf at a
    reduced price! I managed to get one of the last Dixie Chicks' CDs on
    the display. Man! Those folks out shopping today are silly. There was
    a bunch of them as I was trying to walk into the store fighting (and
    we're talking Smackdown 2003) over a stack of microwaves for $10 off.
    Most of those people missed that the Lion King is half off...either
    that, or they were too impatient and bought it at $15 when it came

    Anyway, getting back to the original subject, I'm sitting here working
    on the servers in Irving (from Mesquite...because only REAL servers
    can be worked on from home) and listening to the CD. For someone (Toby
    Keith and Terry Dorsey) who said their careers (Dixie Chicks) were
    finished, there SURE are a bunch of screaming fans in the background!
    They also have a DVD that goes with the CD. As watched the Toby Keith
    halftime thing yesterday, I didn't see too many people who WEREN'T
    going to pee or catch a soda. The most noise coming out of the stadium
    yesterday was when the refs made the call saying Ricky Williams' ball
    was not a fumble. Oh, and I loved the one where the Dolphins player
    caught the ball barely in the endzone. Everyone said "he had it easily
    and was with both feet in". Then the Cowboys did the same thing, but
    was dragging BOTH feet on his way out and they said "I don't know, I
    don't think he had both feet in and still he might not have had
    possession". Granted, the Cowboys SUCKED yesterday...but don't make it
    worse than it WAS!

    Anyone who goes shopping today, be VERY careful...those people don't
    seem to care about the motorcycles parked on the sidewalks!

    Oh, and was chilly this morning riding!

    Ok, that's my "spill". I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and was
    able to stay plenty safe and all!
    Brian Walker, Nov 28, 2003
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